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What's New For April In The AW Universe

Toon 3D Homepage Theme Now Available

Anything a kid (of any age!) could want has been packed into the new Toon Themed 3D Homepage object set!

Citizen Vote - World of the Month

Is there a world in the Active Worlds Universe that you think is totally awesome and worthy of the honor of being called "World of the Month"? This is your chance to let us know about it!

Mountain Myst's Worlds To Watch

We have some incredible worlds and awesome world builders in the AW Universe! Here's a few worlds that really have it going on, and we know you won't want to miss!

AW Tech Support Tip of the Month

"I want to host an event in my world, but my simultaneous user limit won't accommodate it. Is there a way I can temporarily increase my simultaneous user increase?"

Bot of the Month

This month Tacoguy shares with us his Tracker Bot as well as some good all around general bot programming tips and advice.

Truespace Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

Robbie returns this month to share some of his trueSpace tips and tricks including how to make a picture or sign object, a facer object, and masking.


Get the latest information on all of the events happening within the Active Worlds community!

Storage World Hosts 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

With over 100,000 Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered, we know you won't want to miss this event that has become a tradition in the Active Worlds universe.

AWRPG Spring Festival

Join in the Draedan Spring Festival with new games, quests, features and prizes!

AW Community Volunteers

Active Worlds wouldn't be the awesome place that it is if it weren't for our invaluable community volunteers! Here's a chance for you to get to know them and find out why they think Active Worlds rocks.

Bit's Who's Who in Active Worlds

The Active Worlds community is rich with fascinating citizens! Long-time AW citizen AlphaBit Phalpha introduces us to a few members of our community. Each month she will be meandering the universe, so you never know when she might just pop up and invite you for an interview.

Recommended Hot Spots to Visit

Tired of hanging out in your same old place? Get out and explore the AW universe! Our community experts have found some really great places for you to visit.

Weekly Game Hosts

Weekly tournaments and contests are in the works, and we'd love to have you help host them!

Reunion 2003

Interested in meeting fellow Active Worlds users and friends? Preparations are in full swing for a reunion in Asheville, NC this summer.

The AWEC Event Calendar for April is Online!

Want to know what activities are happening in the AW Universe? This is the place to find out what's happening, when, and where!

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.


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