Vol. 2, No.5, May 7, 1999
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Peace World Galaxy Opens

Activeworlds.com is pleased to announce that in an effort to help students of all ages throughout the world promote peace and resolve conflicts, we have dedicated a new Universe, "Peace World". Students may join this new community, free of charge and interact directly. Peace World will serve as a leading forum for you to discuss frustrations in a non-judgmental, non- violent environment.

Today, more than ever, our youths face growing problems, both in number and in magnitude. Many believe that these unresolved conflicts and frustrations are behind the sometimes shocking and violent crimes committed by youths in the home and at school. Witness the recent tragedy in Littleton, Colorado. Activeworlds' commitment to provide children with an environment that is fun and educational comes at a time when much of what is available on the media (television, music, movies, computer games, etc) promotes violence as routine, frivolous, and acceptable. We extend an open invitation to all Internet service providers, major portal companies, and Internet search engines to join us in this undertaking. We will make Peace World accessible, free of charge to their young subscribers, as well. We hope to enlist the support of noted leaders in youth medicine, entertainment, government, as well as other members in our industry to join us in this effort.

To download the browser please visit http://www.activeworlds.com/peacew.htm.

A World of Your Own

The Active Worlds Personal Servers series gives you the tools to express your creativity and build your own world with all the freedom of 3D and all the functionality of 2D. Activeworlds.com's new approach to the web offers developers several versions to meet your needs. Whether you just need a spot called your own or a showcase for your work, we have a version for you.

All configurations include:

  • Open or restricted access
  • Web address designation for custom content
  • WWW file retrieval for images, sounds, and music
  • Use of the original textures, models, sounds, music and avatars developed for AlphaWorld and Colony Alpha
  • Use of original Metatropolis Avatars
  • Newsgroup user support
  • Free registered citizen numbers

Active Worlds Personal Server License - $69.95*
*plus annual registration charge.

Registration includes all maintenance updates and upgrades to the server code, access to our user authentication system and automatic listing in the ActiveWorlds web page report. Your registration determines the size of your world and number of simultaneous users.

Purchasing: Ordering by Secured Web Transaction Activeworlds.com, Inc. supports the SSL Internet security standard. Just fill out our secured online transaction form.
Ordering by Phone:
You may pay over the phone with a credit card.
Dial (978) 499-0222 in the USA.

Getting Good Grades In School? We'd Like To Hear About It!

Last term we had some truly awesome report cards come our way, and we're betting that this time around we're gonna see even more! We were really impressed with how hard our school-age citizens are working on keeping their grades up, and at how so many of you are really applying yourselves in school! Way to go! We believe that working hard in school is just as important as playing hard in Active Worlds, and we like to encourage all of our school-age users to focus their attention on their school work, broaden their knowledge, and get the most out of school. To show our support for exceptionally hard work, we're offering worlds to participants who achieve the highest academic standing each term, and to those who show the greatest improvement each school year.

For more information contact Lucrezia Borgia and E N Z O edu@activeworlds.com or check out the web site at http://www.activeworlds.com/edu/.

AW Support's Tech Tip of The Month

Pesky Proxies
Some of our citizens and tourists use large Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like AOL, that have recently introduced proxy servers and, as a result, are running into problems connecting to AW properly, or at all. These problems include receiving the following messages upon starting the AW browser:
  • "Internet communications are being established. If this takes too long, check your Internet connection..."
  • "Unable to initialize Internet functions"
Other complaints include:
    "When I enter Active Worlds I just get a blue screen and little black triangles. I can move and chat but don't see any of the graphics."
These are just a few of the problems that are the result of the proxy server blocking the ports AW requires to function properly. Unfortunately, many Internet based chat and interactive games (not just your AW) may not work correctly from behind a proxy server.

To see if you are behind the proxy server:

  • Make sure you are connected to the net
  • Go to a DOS prompt and type the following:
      tracert > trace.txt
  • Open the trace.txt file
if you see a line that has the word "proxy" in it anywhere then you are behind the proxy server.
Or if you see this:
    Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:1 Destination host unreachable.
    Trace complete.

This means that you cannot reach our main server and it is most likely because of the proxy setup. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to this issue other than connecting to AW via an ISP that doesn't use proxy servers. We recommend inquiring directly with the technical support division of your ISP if you discover that you are behind a problematic proxy server.

If you do not see the word/s "proxy" or "1 Destination host unreachable." but are still having problems using AW with your connection send a copy of the trace.txt file to support@activeworlds.com with a detailed description of the problem.

World/Site of the Month

Check out these really cool places in the AW Universe :)

!@mart, one of the really cool AWCOM public building worlds!

Cricetia, home to the Cricetian Realm and one of the many incredible worlds created by citizens of Active Worlds!

PetzGirl's EPCPS Petz City, an unique and youthful place to visit. (aw 9600s 9000w)

Pretty Princess' Castle, a spectacular show of creativity. (aw 8033.8N 117.5W)

Madame Thespian's Shakespearean Globe Theatre in AW, one of AW's historical sites of virtual beauty! (AW 192s 649e 180)

Community Events

From the AWEC Calendar

May 1999 Events

May 2nd, 9:00PM VRT Cy Awards Nominations Begin (AWCC)

May 7th, 8:00PM VRT "Tech Talk" With Roland Vilett (AWUNIV 32N 32W)

May 8th, 5:00PM VRT Patarock '99 (PATA 176S 78W)

May 8th, 9:00PM VRT AWTeen Chess Tournament (AWTEEN 100S 100W)

May 8th, 11:59PM VRT ZGV's New Art / Artist Exhibition (COFMETA 1000N 30E 180)

May 9th, 7:00PM VRT Community Show Off (AWCC 26S 2E 240)

May 13th, 9:00PM VRT Cy Awards Nominations Close (AWCC)

May 14th, 8:00PM VRT "Tech Talk" With Roland Vilett (AWUNIV 32N 32W)

May 15th, 9:00PM VRT Cy Awards Voting Begins (AWCC)

May 21st, 8:00PM VRT "Tech Talk" With Roland Vilett (AWUNIV 32N 32W)

May 22nd, 6:00PM VRT Trivia Contest 5th round (AWCC 14.6N 20.5E )

May 22nd, 9:00PM VRT Cy Awards Voting Ends (AWCC)

May 28th, 8:00PM VRT "Tech Talk" With Roland Vilett (AWUNIV 32N 32W)

May 30th, 6:00PM VRT Mystery Tour (AWCC 7.5N 21.4E 90)

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please submit the registration form on the Active Worlds Event Committee's web page.

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A’tuin Treasure Hunt

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Astrology & Relationships, Mondays 2:00AM VRT in A1stLove

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

Construction Classes, Thursdays 7:00pm VRT in Spanish

Tours of Mundo Hispano, Fridays at 7:30PM VRT in Spanish

"Tech Talk" with Active Worlds lead developer Roland Vilett, Fridays at 8PM VRT, in AWUniv

News From The Active Worlds Community

Showing Off Communities and Community Spirit

Courtesy of Bille

Are you aware of the many communities that have been initiated within the AW universe? Ideas, friendship, creativity, and a great deal of hard work have brought us an impressive variety of communities. Communities are a great way for people to share hobbies or interests, play games or practice the art of building. Most communities even develop a local culture - themes, guidelines, events, and some of them even have their own currency. About 100 of these worlds, towns and societies are currently listed on AW Community Register at http://www.awcommunity.org/awcomreg.

Check it out - you'll be amazed :)

Since August 98, the AW Community Register has been giving communities a fair chance to introduce themselves; and the result is a comprehensive source where we all can trace communities for participation and friends.

Each post gives a brief description, and you can teleport directly to the chosen location or e-mail their community contacts. The register is updated weekly and each post is verified twice a year.

AW Community Register's VR home is located in the world AWCC - solve the Community Maze, check out the 'Cave of Dead Communities', or join the monthly Community Show Off event!

Intersculpt '99, Sculpture for a Virtual World

Intersculpt ‘99, the third Biennial Exhibition of Computer Generated Sculpture, continues a series originated by Ars Mathematica and The Computers and Sculpture Forum, and held at the Galerie Graphes in Paris, France, together with Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia since ‘95.

The Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati has offered one of its media galleries as a venue for the ‘99 exhibition, and will be showing concurrently with City Hall in Paris, France; The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England; and the Matthew’s Center at Arizona State University. This event will also be presented over the internet and as a local installation in DAAP in Active Worlds. Artists are being invited to submit computer generated model files for installation.

If you are a virtual sculptor, and are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please see the web site at http://www.toile-metisse.org/intersculpt/daap.htm. Or visit DAAP in AW!

Historical Society Restoration Update

Courtesy of Chloe

The AWHS Core Group is proud to have been given the task of beautifying and restoring the area of AW GZ. We began in late February and it's coming along wonderfully! We have HamFon to thank for making a complete replica of AW GZ which is currently being housed in the World: AWGZ.

Please let us know if you had teleports in the area of aw gz and we will try to relocate them for you in the Teleport Park the Core Group has made for teleports advertising your sites.

We have been getting lots of emails and telegrams telling us what a great job we're doing...Thank-You!!

If anyone has any Questions please email: awhs@awcommunity.org

Active Worlds' First Grandmother Spotted at AWGZ!

Courtesy of the AW Rumour Mill

Rumour has it that Susan1 is the first known real world grandmother of an Active Worlds grandbaby! Confused? So were we, so we did a little investigating! Seems that back in 1996 two Active Worlds users, Jeckler and Jerbs, met in an AW disco party, fell madly in love, got married, and in January 1999 became the proud parents of Paige. This makes our own dear Susan1, Jerbs' mom, the first Active Worlds Grandmother! For more information on this story take a look at Jeckler and Jerbs' home page: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/cottage/1595.

Women Owning Worlds Enjoys Expansion

Courtesy of Wings

The organization WOW (Women Owning Worlds) has grown from the original four members, who started the organization in late February, to 48 members as of this writing. WOW had their first official meeting on March 13, 1999 and had 23 members in attendance. Since that time, WOW has put into place a plan for upcoming meetings which has more than doubled their membership.

Currently on the WOW agenda is "Model Building" which are lessons in Modeling 101 with Rehabber as the instructor. Another meeting is planned for May 8, 1999 which will be covered by XelaG who created a bot to help worldbuilders. XelaG has offered his time to explain to the WOW members what his bot can do.

WOW would like to thank all who have helped us to date: Rehabber, XelaG and Lucrezia Borgia and also to Sassy SE for her unselfish gift of land and PS status on her world AFantasy.

For more information on WOW you can visit the following sites:
WOW homepage http://members.xoom.com/WOW_/

AFantasy Instructional Site (afantasy 43.1N 80.4E 0.0a 350 ) http://objects.activeworlds.com/cgi-bin/teleport/afantasy_43.1N_80.4E_0.0a_350


It's Time For The Cy Awards!

Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

You are cordially invited to attend this round of the Cy Awards to be held Saturday June 5th at 9 PM VRT in AWCC World. Nominations (via VoteBot) began Sunday May 2nd in AWCC. The nominations will close on Thursday May 13th at 9PM VRT,and the voting for those nominated will open on Saturday May 15th 9PM VRT. Nominations will then be closed on Saturday May 22nd 9PM VRT. This will be the first time we will have nominations followed with voting for those nominated.

This round is open for the Lifetime Achievement Award Category:) We're hoping that not only will you be submitting nominations, but also take a look at each of the nominations - so you can see for yourself all of the great things and places that have been nominated:)

If you wish to view awards of past Recipients...please visit AWCC World and take a walk towards the NW up the Cy Walk:)...or you can visit the Cy Awards page at http://www.awcommunity.org/cyawards. If you have any questions, please email cyawards@awcommunity.org

See you at the Cy's!

Peacekeeper's Caution

We'd like to urge everyone in the community to use caution in passing out your personal information, email address or ICQ number to *just anyone*. Also, please show caution and courtesy when exchanging executable files, as there are some rather unpleasant viruses available at the moment, namely Netbus and Back Orifice. If you think you have been the victim of a viral infection, please contact the Peacekeepers for assistance and more information.

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us (newsletter@activeworlds.com) to find out more about participating.

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