Vol. 2, No.6, June 1, 1999
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Active Worlds News, Product Highlights, Contests

Historic Hollywood Premiere Takes Place in Active Worlds

May 24th saw Active Worlds breaking new ground again with the first ever online virtual movie premiere. In conjunction with the Columbia TriStar Interactive division of Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, and Centropolis Interactive, Activeworlds.com hosted the premiere of the recently released The Thirteen Floor film.

Over 300 people gathered online from all over the world to chat with premiere attendees including the film's stars Craig Bierko, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gretchen Mol, and Dennis Haysbert; as well as many of entertainment's biggest stars, including Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Will Smith, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sarah Michelle Geller.

Check out the reviews and scrapbook at http://www.activeworlds.com/premiere.html .
(Got cool pictures you wanna include? Send them to lucrezia@activeworlds.com for consideration.)

If you haven't checked out the 13th Floor world yet, head on over! It's a multi-dimensional time trip to remember.

A Galaxy All Your Own!

The Active Worlds Galaxerver - starting from $1,995

Designed for the business that requires a stand-alone World separate from the Active Worlds Universe of Worlds. This product gives the administrator full configuration control over the World. All servers start with 1 million square meters of virtual land, and the price is based on number of simultaneous users and land size.

Designed for both Internet and Intranet applications.

  • All configurations include:
  • All server component software
  • Access to the AWCOM content libraries
  • Remote set-up support
  • Limited, upgradeable licensing agreement
  • HTML, FAQ, and help documentation
  • Technical support documentation
  • 1 year free upgrades

Custom configurations available, please call or email for details.
(978) 499-0222

Active Worlds Summer Camp

Building forts, camping out under the stars, taking arts and crafts classes, playing games, listening to scary stories and eatin' smores around a campfire? How cool does that sound?

This summer we will be hosting the first ever Active Worlds Summer Camp! Campers will be divided up into teams, each with their own team world in which to build their fort. We'll have cool advanced building classes and contests, and even a few easy how to make your own object lessons from the experts! There will be lots of games, virtual field trips, and chances to make new friends.

The first session will be July 15th-July 30th. If you're under 18 and interested in being a camper, or over 18 and interested in being a counselor, then email us to sign up!!!!!


School's Out For The Summer! Get Those Report Cards In The Mail!

July 1st is the deadline to get your report cards in to be considered for this round of academic achievement awards. Remember, you don't just have to get straight A's or 100% to be considered, we have awards for improving your grades over the whole year. So if you think you didn't do too well last term, but you really worked hard and showed your stuff this term, send us both report cards for consideration!

For more information contact Lucrezia Borgia and E N Z O at edu@activeworlds.com or check out the web site at http://www.activeworlds.com/edu/

AW Support's Tech Tip of The Month

Do you sometimes hate the Building Inspector? Maybe you should get to know him better!

Our Building Inspector, Floyd, is really quite a nice guy. He's down-to- earth, friendly and helpful. He lives in a nice condo in Metatropolis; and in his spare time he enjoys bowling in AWGames and skiing in Winter. Oh, and ladies, he's single and very handsome - a real 90's kind of avatar.

Our Building Inspector is also very dedicated to his job, and works hard to assure that everyone gets the most bang for their framerate when they build. While his messages can be a little frustrating at times, he's got your best interests at heart! Here's a few tips that he wants to share with you in the hopes you can avoid his warnings!

Do you often get this message?

Building Inspector: "Try building somewhere else because this area is full."

This means that you have exceeded the data limit for the cell you are building in. Each cell is a 10x10 meter column of space and in most worlds a single cell can store up to 1500 bytes of data, which is enough room for about 40 objects. The more extras you add or the more layers you create, the more likely you are to hear this message.

Some tips to get around this message:

  1. Avoid stacking multiple objects vertically. When you build in layers, the objects are sharing the cell space, and you will reach the cell data limit much faster.
  2. Keep the extra text in the description and action fields to a minimum. Not every object needs to have text in the description field! If you are working with complex animations try the "create name" command to help minimize the data space you use.

Floyd also recommends that you check the Help Files under Building Tips for more information!

World/Site of the Month

Check out these really cool places in the AW Universe :)

abc, Simple Geometry, one of the really cool AWCOM public building worlds!

Millennium World, a growing youthful community :)

Pollen, an truly unique and bizarre place to visit and live.

Brenda's UFOs and Spacecraft, a clever show of creativity. (aw 15777.4N 4.5E 0.1a 273)

Chameleon's MegaCannon in AW, one of AW's most entertaing historical sites! (AW 20108n 20110e)
(Directions: Take the elevator to the top, and change your perspective to the third person perspective so you can enjoy your trip to AWGZ at lightening speed!)

Community Events

From the AWEC Calendar

June 1999 Events
June 5th, 9:00PM VRT Cy Awards Gala (AWCC)

June 6th, 12:00PM VRT Pagan Treasure Hunt

June 6th, all day Grand opening of MUSIC world

June 6th, 1:00AM VRT Grand opening of NsideOut

June 12th, 9:00PM VRT Opening of "The Chaos" - a joint exhibition

June 12th, 10:00PM VRT Grand Opening of Betaville

June 12th, 11:00PM VRT ZGV's New Art / Artist Exhibition

June 13th, 7:00PM VRT Community Show Off

June 26th-27th, ActiveWorlds Community Festival '99

June 26th, 8:00PM VRT AWEC's Trivia - grand finale

June 27th, 9:00PM VRT CHERi & Dmc2u Wedding

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please submit the registration form on the Active Worlds Event Committee's web page.

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A'tuin Treasure Hunt

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Astrology & Relationships discussion, Mondays 1:00AM VRT in A1stLove

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

Construction Classes, Thursdays 7:00pm VRT in Spanish

Tours of Mundo Hispano, Fridays at 7:30PM VRT in Spanish

"Tech Talk" with Active Worlds lead developer Roland Vilett, Fridays at 8PM VRT, in AWUniv

News From The Active Worlds Community

Meet Old Friends And Make New Ones At A Reunion This Summer

Last year more than 50 people met in real life in Las Vegas, and hundreds more joined in the fun in Active Worlds. This summer, there will be 4 Reunions held worldwide over the July 22-25 weekend. There are groups meeting in Myrtle Beach, Ottawa, Brussels, and Melbourne, as well as events planned in Active Worlds for those who can't make it to a real world event. For more information check out the Reunion world in AW.

and the web site at

We hope to see you at the Reunion!

Grand Community Celebration: Active Worlds Community Festival '99

Courtesy of AWEC

June 27th it will be 4 years since the public release of AlphaWorld. In this world, being the largest world and so to speak the 'Mother' of the Active Worlds Universe, most of us learned to know our community. So - how about celebrating its Foundation Day?:)

AW Events Committee is initiating the ActiveWorlds Community Festival '99. All communities, groups and individuals are invited to host events and gatherings all over the Universe. Your event can be included to the official festival programme - and the winner of your contest can even grab the main festival prize:) You are also challenged to design the new official AlphaWorld flag - the flag entries will be voted on by the festival guests!

Details on the festival programme, festival news, how to register your event, and more - can be found at the Festival web page.


Active Worlds Events Committee Wants You! :)

Courtesy of AWEC

The Active Worlds Events Committee (AWEC) is looking for a person to help out with advertising events as well as the presence and purpose of the AWEC. You will work as part of the AWEC Core Group as a team player.

Recommended qualifications:

  • Fairly avid user of Active Worlds
  • Interest for advertising in AW, by using ad boards, newsgroups, www and newsletter, and even to assist on preparation of speeches and presentations to ensure consistency.
  • Team player, cooperative
  • Able to create eye-catching graphics required for advertising purposes
  • Negotiate with world owners for advertising matters
  • Experience from similar work (RL or VR) will be preferred, but is not required

To apply, or for more information: Contact AWEC :)

One For The Record Books? You Be The Judge!

Courtesy of The Bug

Dear Lucrezia,

Here's a little addition to the Activeworlds Guinness Book of Records (if there is one, and if there isn't one and it was created because of this electronic letter, I'd like to have my name in the credits :) )

Here's the addition, look at http://members.xoom.com/_Bug_/images/pkrecord.jpg
and you'll see 11 people (9 citizens and 2 tourists) sitting on or above the PK pole :). Hope it does something important :).

The Bug (citizen # 267836).

Don't Forget The Cy Awards!

You're invited so mark your calendars! June 5th at 9:00PM VRT in the AWCC, there will be the 4th round of Cy Awards of Excellence Gala Ceremony. Put on your finery, crack open the champagne, and join in the fun!

Check out the web site to see the nominees and root for your favourites!


Peacekeeper's Caution

We'd like to urge everyone in the community to use caution in passing out your personal information, email address or ICQ number to *just anyone*. Also, please show caution and courtesy when exchanging executable files, as there are some rather unpleasant viruses available at the moment, namely Netbus and Back Orifice. If you think you have been the victim of a viral infection, please contact the Peacekeepers for assistance and more information.

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us (newsletter@activeworlds.com) to find out more about participating.

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