Vol. 2, No.8, August 3, 1999
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Active Worlds News, Product Highlights, Contests

Educational Universe Planned

The Educational Universe will be an entire Active Worlds Universe dedicated to exploring the educational applications of the Active Worlds Technology. We will be offering the following components as part of the Educational Universe Package to qualifying participants:
  • Free 400x400 Active Worlds Servers (hosted for free by Activeworlds.com, Inc.)
  • Free starter package of 20 Citizenships
  • Subscription to the Educational Universe Virtual Learning Discussion ListServ
  • 33% Discount on additional server expansion and citizenships
  • Access to a selection of 3D Object paths and avatars
It is our hope that by making the Active Worlds Technology available to educational institutions, teachers, students, and individual programs at lower costs; educators will be able to explore new concepts, learning theories, creative curriculum design, and discover new paradigms in social learning.

Over the course of time we will be asking participants to share with us the needs the see for the future, and to highlight the lessons they have learned. We will also be offering additional incentives to educators who pursue and/or publish research documenting and exploring the educational potential of the Active Worlds Technology.

To qualify for participation in the Educational Universe project, please send the following information ON LETTERHEAD via fax or mail to our offices:

  • Institution, School, Non-Profit Organization or Affiliation Name (Non-Profit's please include verification of your NP Status)
  • Project Coordinator's Name (Students, please provide contact information for your project supervisor or tutor)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • requested world name (2-8 characters, no special characters like !@#$%)

Contact Information:

    Educational Department
    Activeworlds.com, Inc.
    95 Parker Street
    Newburyport, MA 01950
    Tel: (978) 499-0222
    Fax: (978) 499-0221

A World Of Your Own

The Active Worlds Personal Servers series gives you the tools to express your creativity and build your own world with all the freedom of 3D and all the functionality of 2D. Activeworlds.com's new approach to the web offers developers several versions to meet your needs. Whether you just need a spot called your own or a showcase for your work, we have a version for you.

All configurations include:

  • Open or restricted access
  • Web address designation for custom content
  • WWW file retrieval for images, sounds, and music
  • Use of the original textures, models, sounds, music and avatars developed for AlphaWorld and Colony Alpha
  • Use of original Metatropolis Avatars
  • Newsgroup user support
  • Free registered citizen numbers

Active Worlds Personal Server License - $69.95*
*plus annual registration charge.

Registration includes all maintenance updates and upgrades to the server code, access to our user authentication system and automatic listing in the ActiveWorlds web page report. Your registration determines the size of your world and number of simultaneous users.

Purchasing: Ordering by Secured Web Transaction Activeworlds.com, Inc. supports the SSL Internet security standard. Just fill out our secured online transaction form.
Ordering by Phone:
You may pay over the phone with a credit card.
Dial (978) 499-0222 in the USA.

Protect Your Citizenship Account & Your Computer

We've seen an increase in people complaining that their accounts have been stolen due to the fact that they have been sharing their passwords. We recommend that if you want to share your privileges with someone else, you allow them to use your PRIVILEGE PASSWORD, but not your main password. You should never give your main password out to anyone, especially a total stranger. Remember, if they have your password, they can easily take over your account; and it can be quite a process to get it back. Not to mention you could risk losing some of your property too.

We also recommend that you exercise extreme caution in accepting files from other people, there are many different viral strains roaming around the Internet, and you could accidentally become infected. Please make sure you exercise caution when accepting files in AW, via ICQ or email.

Congratulations To The Recipients Of The Commitment To Education Awards

We believe that working hard in school is just as important as playing hard in Active Worlds, and we'd like to encourage all of our school-age users to focus their attention on their school work, broaden their knowledge, apply themselves and get the most out of school. To show our support for exceptionally hard work, we are offering worlds to participants who achieve the best grades each term, and to those who show the greatest improvement each school year.

Please join us in congratulating this term's recipients!

    Rain World
    Angel Serena
    Internal Affairs

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! If you would like to participate in the AW Commitment to Education Program, check out the web site for more information.


We Had a Blast At Camp!

This summer, over 60 campers and counselors made history by attending the first ever 3D summer camp! Everyone had a great time building forts, going on field trips to different worlds and universes, playing games and hanging out! Check out the web site to see some of the pictures!

Mountain Myst and Lucrezia Borgia wanna thank everyone who volunteered their time to be a camp counselor, teach Arts and Crafts Classes (we love Magine and Lara!), ConArtist who made a great groundskeeper in AWCamp, and every one of the kids who came to hang out and play! You all made AWCamp an awesome time for everyone!


AW Support's Tech Tip Of The Month

Is your accelerator slowing you down?

When you start your world do you get the following error:

    Unable to accept connection (reason 10035)

When starting the Active Worlds browser do you get the error message:

    Unable to connect reason 442
Both of these problems can be caused by running some an internet accelerator like NetAccelerator 2.0 or other types of caching or proxy software. To remedy this situation disable this software before attempting to use your Active Worlds server or Active Worlds browser.

Documentation on NetAccelerator 2.0 can be found at http://www.imsisoft.com/netaccelerator/netacc2.html

Worlds/Sites We Recommend This Month

Check out these really cool places in the AW Universe :)

Metatropolis, one of the really cool AWCOM public building worlds!

Awnewbie, an very cool place to learn the basics.

ZuZu, an avatar lover's dream.

Issac's new home, a great beginning for a newbie! (AW 38.9N 9584.0W 0.1a 180)

Alpha Beach Estates, Mauz's historical recommendation of the month! (AW 862s 565w 90)

Community Events

From the AWEC Calendar

August 1999 Events
August 4th, 7:00PM VRT Hang Out With E N Z O at his tent in Yellow! (yellow 16.7N 0.7W 0.3a 225)

August 15th, 7:00PM VRT Community Show Off (AWCC 26s 2e 240)

August 25th, 7:00PM VRT Hang Out With E N Z O at his office! (cofmeta 7.1N 0.2E 9.5a 345 )

August 28th, 7:00PM VRT AWEC's Trivia Contest (AWCC 14.6n 20.5e)

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please submit the registration form on the Active Worlds Event Committee's web page.

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A'tuin Treasure Hunt

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Astrology & Relationships discussion, Mondays 1:00AM VRT in A1stLove

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

"Tech Talk" with Active Worlds lead developer Roland Vilett, Fridays at 8PM VRT, in AWUniv

News From The Active Worlds Community

AW Info Squares - A Great Way To Advertise in AW

Courtesy of Bille

Wondering how to tell people about your latest cool building? Not sure how to advertise your upcoming party? Well, AW Info Squares may be just the ticket!

AW Info Squares offers free advertising within Active Worlds. At several chained squares you can advertise your buildings, events, societies and even your webpage!

For more information check out the web site: http://home.sol.no/~bille/awis/index.htm

Place Your Real World Home In Active Worlds

(Courtesy of Smithee)

Shared Architecture provides a unique opportunity for users of 360 Days in ActiveWorlds to place their real world house or favourite building in the virtual world. By sending in photographs we will create fully textured three dimensional models within the virtual environment. This will create a unique insight into not only the locations and environment where our community live and work in the real world but also an opportunity to view various architectural styles from around the world within the virtual space. Developed at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London '360 Days in ActiveWorlds' and the' Designing Better Cities project' are funded under the Public Understanding of Science scheme by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


Worldwide Science Fiction Convention In Real Life and In Virtual Reality: September 2-6

(Courtesy of XelaG)

Each year at the Annual Worldcon Science Fiction Convention the prestigious Hugo Awards are presented. This year, for the third time, Worldcon is being held in Australia/Melbourne by the World Science Fiction Society® from 2nd to 6th September 1999. And for the first time, there will be a concurrent Virtual Reality version of the convention over the internet. We are very excited about this aspect of Aussiecon3, as ActiveWorlds participates in what had been only Science Fiction up to this point, and is now becoming Science Fact. These informative web sites will give you a much better overview of our project:

There will be many games and contests at which prizes will be given, for example: the World Building Contest (with two categories: amateur and professional), the Monster Chess Games to be held on E_XPO World and the Star Trek Trivia Games to be held on E_TREK World. There will be many other events in ActiveWorlds / OuterWorlds as well as in other virtual worlds and universes. We will be having celebrity chats, talks on science fiction/fact and virtual reality topics, panels, and much more! Each of the worlds will have sections set aside for Vendors, Artists and Fan Clubs, where booths will be set up, free of charge, for those who wish to participate.

We would like to have an exhibition of objects and avatars related to Science-Fiction. E_TREK will be showing Star-Trek related items, E_XPO all other items. We are looking for object and avatar creators who would like to contribute their works for this exhibition. Items will be passworded by us and removed from our servers when the exhibition ends.

If you have any questions, please contact us at xelag@3dee.com or chrispeg@gmx.net.

Gearing Up For The Next Round of The Cy Awards

(courtesy of AlphaBit Phalapha)

The Cy Awards are our way of showing our community members the recognition they deserve for taking the extra step to enhance our virtual environment. The awards cover several categories including technical innovations, artistic endeavors, and social/cultural activities.

This the schedule for those who are interested in participating in advertising, promotions, or looking forward to nominating their friends!

    August 25th- Promotional materials will be available at AW GZ and the AWCommunity Newsgroups.
    September 1st - Nominations will open up at 5pm vrt via a bot in AWCC.
    Sept 15th - The nominations will close at 5 pm vrt.
    Sept 18th - The judges will begin researching all the entries
    Oct 2nd - The deadline for the judges to submit their votes
And the BIG Day of the Cy Awards will be Oct 16th!

Get To Know Your Neighbours

We thought it would be great if everyone got a chance to get to know some of the volunteers in the community, and to find out why they love AW so much. This month we're highlighting the Gatekeepers of the Month, LANa and MAGGIE4REAL! If there's a volunteer you'd like to see us highlight, let us know!


I am an American citizen but grew up in Ukraine, and my "mother language" is Russian. I am 32 years old and live in Pennsylvania. I am a single mother of 10-yr-old boy. I work and go to school, and, despite all that, I spend a lot of time in AW because I am addicted to it and love it.

I am an AW citizen since October 1998, which is not that long time ago but because I really enjoy the program I got acquainted with lots of people and have lots of friends. I also love to build and have two worlds now LOL WYSIWYG and Smirk. Smirk is a very new world yet.. but I have lots of plans LOL I am just so full of ... ideas and plans Hahaha and I am also WOW member.

Maggie4real -
(who was also an AWCamp Counselor this summer)

Awesome! Is a great way to describe this year's AWCamp. It's been great working with the campers. I am thrilled to have shared with many others a part in the first summer camp ever held in a 3D virtual space and a part of Active Worlds history. I have been exploring the worlds and sharing popcorn with others since August of 1998. When I'm not sharing marshmallows with campers, I am an Emergency Medical Technician on an ambulance and a recreational therapy director for an assisted living facility in South Dakota - yes I know how to spell snow and hypothermia, that's for sure..LOL.

Worlds Action Group Starts Monthly Meetings

(courtesy of WAG)

Worlds Action Group (WAG) meeting on Sat. Aug. 7th, 1999 at 5:30 PM VRT on WAG. This is the first monthly meeting of the group. If you are a member, or a world owner or designer who hasn't joined yet and would like to hear more about the group, you are also invited to attend. The meeting will be held on the world WAG. We will be discussing the setup of WAG and where we are now in getting it organized. If you have any questions please gram Clee or Lady Jude. You may also visit our web pages at


Gotta Problem? Call A Peacekeeper!

If, while you are travelling in AW, you find yourself in distress don't hesitate to call upon the Peacekeepers for aide! The Peacekeepers are community volunteers who are available to help you with issues pertaining to harassment and vandalism, or any other troublesome situation. They are a great resource for conflict resolution and mediation! To find out more about the Peacekeepers, please visit their web site at
or email them at

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us (newsletter@activeworlds.com) to find out more about participating.

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