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What's New For September In The AW Universe

New 3D Homepage Themes Unveiled

If you haven't checked out 3D Homepages recently, you don't know what you're missing! There are three new themes being added to the extensive 3D Homepage theme library.

Citizen Vote - World of the Month

The results are in! Check out the world that YOU, the Active Worlds citizens chose as this months "World of the Month".

Mountain Myst's Worlds To Watch

We have some incredible worlds and awesome world builders in the AW Universe! Here's a few worlds that really have it going on and we know you won't want to miss!

Commitment To Education Award Recipient

We believe that working hard in school is just as important as playing hard in Active Worlds! Find out who won the Commitment to Education Award for the 2002/2003 school year and how you can participate this year!

Bot of the Month

This month Tony M shares with us his ChatRelayBot.

Artist's Tip

This month dreamer2 gives us a way to create multi-object jpg walls and win the battle with the ever-dreaded Building Inspector!


Get the latest information on what the AWEC team are working on and how you can get involved!

AWTrivia Winners

The results are in as to who the brightest trivia players in Active Worlds are!

AW University

Consider yourself and expert in advanced building, RWX modeling, Truespace, avatar or bot making? Interested in working with the AW University to teach others? Find out how you can become involved!


The Virtual Worlds Broadcasting Network (VWBN) is proud to announce the opening of a new channel, VWTV On Demand (VWOD).

Lost Builds?

Have you worked hours and hours on an incredible build, only to lose the coordinates to it? Don't fret! There's hope!

England World's Birthday Celebration

You're invited to join in the celebration of England world's 5th Birthday celebration!

Recommended Hot Spots to Visit

Tired of hanging out in your same old place? Get out and explore the AW universe! Our community experts have found some really great places for you to visit.

AW Community Volunteers

Active Worlds wouldn't be the awesome place that it is if it weren't for our invaluable community volunteers! Here's a chance for you to get to know them and find out why they think Active Worlds rocks.

Watchkeepers Want You!

Looking for a place in the AW Community to serve? Perhaps being a Watchkeeper in AWNewbie is just the thing you're looking for!

The AWEC Event Calendar for September is Online!

Want to know what activities are happening in the AW Universe? This is the place to find out what's happening, when, and where!

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.


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