Vol. 2, No.9, September 1, 1999
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Active Worlds News, Product Highlights, Contests

AWBingo Opens With Great Sucess

On August 25th, AWBingo had its Grand Opening for Wednesday Nite Bingo, and it was awesome! Using cool bot technology (made with the Active Worlds SDK) we've got a new friend, [BingoBot], who runs killer games of Bingo each week!

The first Wednesday Nite Bingo was so popular that we ran out of cards! Hamfon and Young Shamus decided to fix that! So, they put their heads together, and whipped up a new AWBingo that's faster, has more cards, and will make it way more fun!

Each game consists of 10 rounds, and the winners of each game are eligible to win a prize like worlds, PS in AW, Special Objects, citizenships, etc...! Winners from the Grand Opening games included: Prof Oak, Nerilka, jippydawg, Image360, Sailor Moon, OreoGirl, CCTech, balov, Growlith, spector, Gallop, Internal Affairs, Byte Me and Ima Genius!

AWBINGO will be running games every Wednesday for fun and games, so come join the fun!

A World Of Your Own

The Active Worlds Personal Servers series gives you the tools to express your creativity and build your own world with all the freedom of 3D and all the functionality of 2D. Activeworlds.com's new approach to the web offers developers several versions to meet your needs. Whether you just need a spot called your own or a showcase for your work, we have a version for you.

All configurations include:

  • Open or restricted access
  • Web address designation for custom content
  • WWW file retrieval for images, sounds, and music
  • Use of the original textures, models, sounds, music and avatars developed for AlphaWorld and Colony Alpha
  • Use of original Metatropolis Avatars
  • Newsgroup user support
  • Free registered citizen numbers

Active Worlds Personal Server License - $69.95*
*plus annual registration charge.

Registration includes all maintenance updates and upgrades to the server code, access to our user authentication system and automatic listing in the ActiveWorlds web page report. Your registration determines the size of your world and number of simultaneous users.

Purchasing: Ordering by Secured Web Transaction Activeworlds.com, Inc. supports the SSL Internet security standard. Just fill out our secured online transaction form.
Ordering by Phone:
You may pay over the phone with a credit card.
Dial (978) 499-0222 in the USA.

Has Your School Signed Up For The Educational Universe Yet?

Think it would be cool if you could use Active Worlds in school? Well, you could! Have your teachers come find out more about using Active Worlds in school by visiting our web site at http://www.activeworlds.com/edu

The Educational Universe program is one of the ways in which Activeworlds.com, Inc. is seeking to support the next generation of education! Qualified participants in the Educational Universe will receive:

  • Free 400x400 Active Worlds Servers (hosted for free by Activeworlds.com, Inc.)
  • Free starter package of 20 Citizenships
  • Subscription to the Educational Universe Virtual Learning Discussion ListServ
  • 33% Discount on additional server expansion and citizenships
  • Access to a selection of 3D Object paths and avatars
To qualify for participation in the Educational Universe project, please have your school or organization send the following information ON LETTERHEAD via fax or mail to our offices:
  • Institution, School, Non-Profit Organization or Affiliation Name (Non-Profit's please include verification of your NP Status)
  • Project Coordinator's Name (Students, please provide contact information for your project supervisor or tutor)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • requested world name (2-8 characters, no special characters like !@#$%)

Contact Information:

    Educational Department
    Activeworlds.com, Inc.
    95 Parker Street
    Newburyport, MA 01950
    Tel: (978) 499-0222
    Fax: (978) 499-0221

Think AW Rocks? Then Tell A Friend!

When we updated the web site last month, we added a new feature where you can send an email to your friends to let them know about AW! Since then hundreds of you have invited your friends to come join our awesome community! If you have a friend you want to tell about Active Worlds, then send them a note! http://www.activeworlds.com/products/share.html

AW Support's Tech Tip Of The Month

AOL and Active Worlds

If you use AOL to connect to the Internet, and find that you can't get beyond the message in the AW client program

    "Internet connections are being established, if this takes to long check your internet connection."
it may be caused by the Parental Controls setup for your AOL screen name.

Enabling the Parental Controls in AOL will not only block you from using the Active Worlds software but will also block email replies from our technical support staff when you ask them for help.

If you still have problems using AW with your AOL dialup account contact support@activeworlds.com with a detailed description of the problem. Make sure you use an email account that they can reply to

Worlds/Sites We Recommend This Month

Check out these really cool places in the AW Universe :)

Mars, one of the really cool AWCOM public building worlds!

Shakaree, a medieval wonderland.

Tolkien's Shanga, an very cool place in AW. (AW 2616N 3929.4W)

LadyBunny's AlphaWorld Teleport index! (AW 20118.2S 6009.5E 0.0a 180)

Memorials to Lady Diana and Mother Theresa, Mauz's historical recommendations of the month!

Lady Diana (AW 33N 1770w)

Mother Theresa (AW 32N 1783W)

Community Events

From the AWEC Calendar

September 1999 Events
September 1st, 12:00AM VRT DreamLand Opening Ceremony (AW 1492s 1525e 2.9a)

September 1st - September 15th, Cy Awards Nominations (AWCC) http://objects.activeworlds.com/cgi-bin/teleport.cgi?awcc_0n_0w

September 3rd, 5:00PM VRT Hang Out With E N Z O at his office! (cofmeta 7.1N 0.2E 9.5a 345 )

September 4th, 5:30PM VRT Chatathon (Wildwest)

September 4th, 10:00PM VRT AWTeen party hardy (AWTeen 200n 38e)

September 11th, 11:00PM VRT ZGV's New Art/Artist Exhibition (cofmeta 1000N 30E 180)

September 12th, 7:00PM VRT Community Show Off (AWCC 26s 2e 240)

September 25th, 7:00PM VRT AWEC's Trivia Contest (AWCC 14.6n 20.5e)

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please submit the registration form on the Active Worlds Event Committee's web page.

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A'tuin Treasure Hunt

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Astrology & Relationships discussion, Mondays 1:00AM VRT in A1stLove

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

Bingo in AWBingo, every Wednesday night

"Tech Talk" with Active Worlds lead developer Roland Vilett, Fridays at 8PM VRT, in AWUniv

News From The Active Worlds Community

E_XPO, E_TREK And THE E_Worlds: Virtual Reality And Science Fiction

Courtesy of XelaG

Calling all Science Fiction Fans! From September 2nd to September 6th, the 57th Annual Worldcon is being held in Melbourne/Australia, and for the first time it will be in cyberspace as well! ActiveWorlds is very proud to be a part of Aussiecon3. 2d and 3d Art exhibits, helpful and entertaining bots to inform and amuse you, booths for vendors and fan clubs, and much, much more! Also featured is live Video and Audio directly from Aussicon3 of interviews with celebs and coverage of other major happenings on site.

E_XPO, the central nexus, will feature the Monster Chess game and other bot attractions; E_TREK, will have several Star Trek Trivia games, and Klingon poetry. There is also a World Building Competition in the e_worlds, where VR netizens will showcase their building skills. The Prize-giving ceremony will be held on Sunday September 5th 21:00 VRT in E_XPO.

There will be jumping-off points from ActiveWorlds to many other VR technologies. See lots of other universes and experience all aspects of VR. Don't miss this exciting moment in technological and Science Fiction history! Join us. We guarantee you'll have a stellar time.

Check out our activities and schedules at our website.


It's Cy Awards Time Again!

(Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalapha)

Ladies and Gentlemen:)

You are cordially invited to The Cy Awards October 16th at 5pm VRT in AWCC World.

Beginning September 1st at 5 pm VRT...the nominations will be open again:)

We will place a Bot in AWCC World at GZ to take your nominations.

You can say "votebot help" and votebot will tell you all the categories and instructions for voting :)

Please visit http:// www.awcommunity.org/cyawards for more information.

See ya at the Cy's!

Thank you,
AlphaBit Phalpha

Gotta Problem? Call A Peacekeeper!

If, while you are travelling in AW, you find yourself in distress don't hesitate to call upon the Peacekeepers for aide! The Peacekeepers are community volunteers who are available to help you with issues pertaining to harassment and vandalism, or any other troublesome situation. They are a great resource for conflict resolution and mediation! To find out more about the Peacekeepers, please visit their web site at
or email them at

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us (newsletter@activeworlds.com) to find out more about participating.

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