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Vol. 1, No. 1, Oct. 1, 1998
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AW Just Keeps Getting Cooler And Cooler!

The Active Worlds Software Development Kit is now available for beta testing. Programmers who have been itching to develop their own Active Worlds bots and/or other applications should visit for complete details.

Meanwhile, our development team is hard at work on version 2.1 of Active Worlds. Some of the features which you can expect to see in version 2.1 include:

    * integrated bot support
    * peer-to-peer file transfer
    * encrypted client/server protocol for increased security
    * new avatar "fade out" effect when people leave
    * enhancement for moderated discussions, presentations, and classes

The Active Worlds High-Rez CD-ROM

$39.95* (plus shipping and handling) The Active Worlds 2.0 High Resolution version on CD-ROM. Enjoy 4 times the graphic resolution of the regular downloadable browser version. This High Rez CD is Super Charged with the ability to view 256x256 images along with our 128x128 standard.
Ordering by Secured Web Transaction:
Circle of Fire supports the SSL Internet security standard. Just fill out our secured online transaction form.
Ordering by Phone:
You may pay over the phone with a credit card. Dial (978) 499-0222 in the USA.

New Objects In AlphaWorld

Thanks to the generosity of Optiman, we have 300+ new objects for AlphaWorld. These new objects help fill in some of the gaps that some users found in the original library. You can check out these new objects in several building yards in AW.

Courtesy of Optiman (AW 213.6N 1290.0W 0.3A 270)

Courtesy of Dthknight (AW 23731N 23731W)

Courtesy of The Real Pops (AW 8980S 310W)

World/Site of the Month

We're bringing back the World/Site of the month as a regular feature in this Newsletter. We will be introducing a method for you to nominate sites and cast your votes. If you would like to participate in this project please contact us. ( Make sure to put COOL WORLD/SITE in the subject line of your email!!! In the meantime, we suggest you check out:

Atlantis, one of the really cool COF public building worlds!

Mandalay, one of the many incredible worlds created by citizens of Active Worlds!

Omega's Recreation of the RMS Titanic in AW, an awesome feat of building and imagination! (AW 2344.5N 1926.5W 0.1a 90)

Bulltaco's Islands in AW, one of AW's historical sites of virtual beauty! (AW 8167.2S 8206.5E 2.3A 346)


Community Events


From the AWEC Calendar

To let the community know about your upcoming event, please contact the Active Worlds Event Committee.

October 1998 Events
Oct. 3rd Patrick Stewart Theatre Company Tryouts 11:00PM VRT (AW 159s 1371w)

Oct. 17-18 Pink Village Pride Festival ’98 (AW 2222s 2222e 222)
Saturday, Oct. 17th 12:00am-12:00pm VRT
Sunday, Oct. 18th, 10:00am-10:00pm VRT

Oct. 31st Halloween Horror Night Party 10:00PM in Afantasy

Regular Events
Active Worlds University Classes in Building, Graphic Arts, RWX Modeling, and AW Technologies

A’tuin Treasure Hunt'tuin

Prayer Meeting, Sundays midnight VRT in Christian

Bible Study, Thursdays midnight VRT in Christian

Construction Classes, Thursdays 7:00pm VRT - Spanish

Tours of Mundo Hispano, Fridays at 7:30PM VRT - Spanish


News From The Active Worlds Community


Update From The AlphaWorld Historical Society

We are ending our first big project...the restoration and beautification of Ground Zero of Alpha World! Our membership has been working diligently to document the original AW GZ to give everyone the opportunity to see what it looked like before and after our work, at any time in the future. Our Core Group will soon be performing the magic of transforming our AW GZ into something to behold, in the original owners intentions. This organization is the oldest in Alpha World. We are an open membership org., meaning anyone may join. One can peruse our web page to learn more about us at our home page:

If you would like to visit the museum, carefully tended by our Curator, Tyrell go to: AW 1501.4n 500e 1.05a 284

If you feel this is something you are interested in please email us with "volunteer" in the subject line. (

Facter's In Need Of Facts!

One of our community members, Facter, is doing an educational based survey about AW and Education as part of a project called Facets '98. If you are interested in helping Facter out by answering a few questions, or are interested in participating in the AWEDU Mailing List, check out the facts at

Register Your Community

The Active Worlds Community Register is now up and running, and they'd like to find out about you. If you have a community in a world, would like to tell the community about your world, or if you have a really interesting group somewhere in the Active Worlds Universe and wanna tell everyone about it, fill out the forms and let the AWCR help get the word out!

We Wanna Hear >From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.


Help/Contact Information


Need Help With AW?

Wanna Take Building Lessons?

Beginners - AWSchool
Intermediate/Advanced - AWUniv
Clase de Construcción en Español - Spanish
Missing Pieces?
If you can't find the object you need to finish your project, then try one of the many building yards other community members have created! Teleports courtesy of The Real Pops (AW 8985S 187W).

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The Official Active Worlds Web Site

The Active Worlds Web Ring

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The GateKeepers are citizens of Active Worlds who have decided to devote an amount of their own time to helping new users of the system to get used to the software, the environment, and the culture of ActiveWorlds.

The Peacekeepers are citizens of Active Worlds who have volunteered to devote time to aiding new users and assisting all users in disputes and try to prevent harassment of any user by others regardless of the form, be it verbal abuse and harassment, racism or vandalism.


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