Vol.3, No.3, March 2000

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Bot Of The Month Club

Courtesy of Hamfon & The Hambots

This month, Bot-of-the-Month profiles a bot that is used in the AWBotLab world to emulate the life cycle of plants, causing plants to grow based on environmental conditions, seeds to spread, and more plants to grow, etc. Since the AWBotLab world is a privately controlled world, please keep in mind that your IP address will be known by the world and by it's owners. Here is a description of the 'FloraBiosis Project', as described by the head of the project, Mech. If you'd like to see the bot in action in AWBotLab world, telegram Mech, or go to their web page .

What is the 'FloraBiosis Project'? The FloraBiosis Project has all been created with Visual Basic. Flora meaning Plant and Biosis meaning Life, FloraBiosis is 'Plant Life'. My good friend Nabler thought of this name. He is one of Cognitive Bots best programmers. The FloraBiosis Project will consist of Weather, and Plant Life. Then soon to come 'The FaunaBiosis Project' which is Fauna meaning Animal and Biosis meaning life. This FaunaBiosis will consist of animal life, mating, food, survival, fighting, etc. The Flora runs off of the environment: if it is snowing the plants will be affected by either slowly, withering and dying, or just getting ripped out of the ground and shot around. The plant life runs off of a large tank of water that fills back up when it rains, so you will come across droughts, etc.

We have learned a lot while working on this project. Mostly patience in programming, because creating a actual world that grows, has weather patterns, etc., is VERY hard. We have also learned a lot about Artificial Intelligence, such as: Not everything needs to be created from a source, also that we make random decisions every day. We have also learned a lot about how plants work - we researched plants, etc.

We mainly had problems with creating a query with Visual Basic. But Nabler worked hard to get it to work, using AW_EVENT_CELL_BEGIN. We also had problems with the trees at first, until our great friend Gwala came along and made us a great set of fantastic trees - 111 models! It took many hours to get where we are, and a lot of hardship, friendship, and cooperation.

Cognitive Bots is owned and lead by Mech. He wants to invent, create, have fun. We are currently working on the weather patterns for the bot and heat, sun, effects, etc. We hope to have the public stop by every now and then to check up and see how we are doing. We will have Signs with daily updates on them. We will have website updates, etc. Sometimes, the public will even be able to participate. To make a long story short... The FloraBiosis Project and The FaunaBiosis Project.. just might be the new rage for the citizens of AW.



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