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Vol.3, No.6, June 2000

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What's New For June In The AW Universe, Inc. Is Hiring!

Do you want to become part of the hottest new technology on the Internet? Well, you may be in luck because is growing!

Did You Make The Grade This Year?

Summer's here and school's out, and we wanna celebrate all the hardwork you've done this year!

Active Worlds Personal World Servers

Want the world to play by your rules? Get your own Active Worlds Personal World Server!

Bot Of The Month Club

This month Hamfon talks with Faber about his famous Preston bot!

AW Support's Tech Tip Of The Month

What in the name of Cy does "Unable to initialize Internet functions (reason 12167)" mean?

AW Support's back this month with another handy-dandy how to tip for AW!

Flagg's Worlds To Watch

Flagg has become quite the worlds traveler in AW, and each month he shares some of his favourite spots in the Universe! Come check out Flagg's recommendations for this month!

Recommended Hot Spots

There are tons of fun places in AW to visit, build, and hang out in - check out some recommendations from those in the know!

The AWEC Event Calendar for June is Online!

Each month the great team at the Active Worlds Event Committee pull together all the latest news on events in Active Worlds - check out this month's calendar!

2000 Reunions - updates and parties!

Summer is coming up fast! Find out all the latest news and events for this summer's AW Community Reunions!

Festival 2000

AWEC's hosting another awesome celebration of AW's birthday!

Takes More Than A Needle And Thread To Make A Cool Quilt

Find out all the details about the making of one of the coolest worlds in the AW Universe.

What offers you plenty of fun and no mosquitoes, no curfews, and plenty of SMORES?

Yup, you guessed it! AWCamp is back for it's second summer of fun and games in the AW Universe.

Tips & Tricks From The Crew At AWSchool

This month AWSchool's kellee tackles the touchy subject of nettiquette!

Get To Know Your Neighbors

We think it would be great if everyone got a chance to get to know some of the volunteers in the community, and to find out why they love AW so much.

New Event Calendar Email List

Sign up now to receive up to date information on events in AW via email!

Cool AWUniversity Advanced Building Contest This Month

Find out how you can win a PS8XE for 6 months courtesy of the AWUniversity Team!

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.



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