Peacekeeper Tips
Courtesy of Lensman

Did you know that if you claim land and use the shift key to micro-move your objects you can leave a near invisible gap? A smart vandal can find that gap and leave an object by getting the center point in the gap. If it is a tourist object just delete the pesky thing and fix your gap. If not contact the Peacekeepers by filing a Garbage Elimination Team (Get) report.



Forty-five hundred people - that's a 51% increase over the event last year - watched the builders of Active Worlds do their thing during the 22 September Big Build hosted by the National Building Museum in Washington DC. Our table was in the middle of everything. We got lots of visibility. (The old guy with glasses is not me it's my retired boss!)



Thank you to all the builders who came that day and made the event so successful with your creativity and good humor in-world and out! (We are all ready invited back next year!) None of the people who visited had ever heard of Active Worlds. The Peacekeepers encourage you to talk with your friends about AW. You might consider using AW as part of a school project or possibly writing an article for your school or local paper. Let's all get involved in sharing our great community.


Here's the link if you want the see the masterworks!