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Pricing Details

Services of the Public Universe


Your World starts with $2.66 / mon, $32 per year, only!

The prices below show annual world license fees and include hosting services:

World Size Annual Service est. per sqm
square meters AWC USD US Cent
P-10 40,000 350 32 (*)
P-20 160,000 700 63 0.0044
P-30 360,000 1,200 108 0.0034
P-40 640,000 2,000 180 0.0029
P-50 1,000,000 3,000 270 0.0027
P-60 1,440,000 4,200 378 0.0026
P-70 1,960,000 5,600 504 0.0025
P-80 2,560,000 7,200 648 0.0024
P-90 3,240,000 9,000 810 0.0023
P-100 4,000,000 11,000 990 0.0022
License fees may vary slightly depending on Credit Bundles purchased. Purchases are non-refundable.
(*) Starter World Special Offer. P-10 / 5 sim users.


The Activeworlds App is Ad-Free!

Visitors are free accounts
can explore worlds, manage personal bookmarks, join partys, attend at events, play games and chat with others.

Regular users are charged AWC 29 / month and
have all built-in features enabled, including Contacts, Telegrams, Building, U-Path, the Forums, as well as Communication tools including Voice Chat and Live Screen and Video / Audio Sharing.

For building in Public Building Worlds a symbolic fee of AWC 2 / 24 hours occurs.

1. Purchase Credits
2. Purchase World License or Renew World License
3. Contact us for the initial world-launch!


After purchasing a new world, or renewing a previously expired world, please contact us to validate the purchase and to launch the world!

Activeworlds' Objects Sets are free to use for worlds within the Public Universe of Activeworlds.
Optionally get a low cost web space for your individual Object Path.

The built-in U-Path is available for all Builders in Public Worlds.

Community Sponsor Activeworlds, Inc.
Hosting Facility US East / Virginia
Contact Activeworlds Support

Disclaimer Hosting of worlds and accompanied services are provided without any warranty or fitness for any particular purpose. The provider is not liable for any damages eventually incurred.

Dénégation L'hébergement de mondes et les services accompagnés sont fournis sans aucune garantie ni aptitude à un usage particulier. Le fournisseur n'est pas responsable des dommages éventuels.

Haftungsausschluss Das Hosting von Welten und begleitenden Diensten erfolgt ohne jeglichen Anspruch auf Gewährleistung oder Eignung für einen bestimmten Zweck. Der Anbieter übernimmt keine Haftung für eventuell entstandene Schäden.


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