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What's new in the AW Universe

Intro to Blender
Blast through the basics of Blender with this first part in a tutorial series by Stacee.
Lensman's Teleport Maze Station
Discovery can always be had in Lensman's Maze column.
Sights to See
Discover some great places throughout our universe.
Mystery Location
Find this place and WIN! See who won last time.
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AWEC Event Calendar
Want to know what's going on in the AW Universe for the month of February? You'll find out what, when, and where on the calendar! Provided by the Active Worlds Events Committee.
News Bits

Try out the new CAV system and leave your feedback in the avatar forum!

In a winter rut? Spring has already graced Yellow world. Check it out!

AWRealms is a new AW-based game in the works! See their AW blog post or web site for more info.

Stop by AW_Signs world for all your Active Worlds banner and ad needs! Teleport>

Ever wanted to design a ground zero build? Enter the AWTeen GZ Content!

AWReunions 2009 have been announced! Learn more about the Pensacola and Vancouver trips.


About the February Header Art

About Header ArtThe subtle beauty of SH3D comes through as a fusion of reality and art.

After you walk through town gaze across the open fields spotted with trees and you might lose yourself in the scenery.

Teleport to SH3D >

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