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Welcome to Who's Who in Activeworlds


Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

March 2003

Dee Dee Fw

Dee Dee Fw joined Activeworlds as a tourist for 6 months in 2000, registering as a citizen 6 months later.

She learned about Activeworlds while looking for chat programs at and found Aw there.

Dee Dee Fw spends most of her time in AW building Fundango. She says "it's not a's a county...=-)"

She has a fantastic build at AW 9400S is Ground Zero Fundango style...=-)

She wishes to share her favorite web site in this comment:)....."Oh..I have a web site of my own..=-)

In real life Dee Dee Fw lives in Indiana and works as an Office Employee.

What Dee Dee Fw loves most about AW...."oh the creativity it brings out of me..=-)...I love the wide open space and creative builders through out out Aw...=-)"

What she does when she's away from her computer is water sports and fun in the sun....and I also love to do a lot of gardening in real life and in Aw..=-)

When I asked her what she would wish for if she could wish for anything, her reply was "oh..this may sound old..but I wish for world peace for all of us".

And when I asked her what one thing would she love to do, she answered, "Id like to travel around the east and west coast on a yacht with the love of my life....=-)".

From Dee Dee Fw.....

"Thanks for being there to the friends I know..and I hope to know one and all of you as friends as time goes by...=-)"


TheRaven found AW in February of 2001

She had been told about AW from her brother, John1018, who had seen it through Juno.

TheRaven spends most of her time building in AW.

What she loves most about AW is the friends she has made here.

I used to manage a retail liquor store. Then went to P/T cashier of it. I am now on Disability. Have had MS for 20 yrs, but I'M STILL STANDING, tyvm.

Her IRL hobbies are AW:)

TheRaven has a very helpful object/texture/ideas yard at AW 259N 1899W.

When asked what she would wish for if she could have any wish, she replied "To bring back all the family and friends I have lost".

And when asked what she would do if she could do anything in the worlds....her reply "Become a professional entertainer".

From TheRaven.....

"Be nicer to everybody. Life is too short to waste it on petty squabbles."


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