Current edition: Vol.8, No.7, October 2005

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World of the Month
Spooky Spots
Worlds to Watch
This Month in 1998
Mystery Location
Artist Tip: Avatars
Off World
DreamCty Needs You
Halloween in Aureus
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What's New For October In The AW Universe

Welcome to Active Worlds' Official Newsletter.

The newsletter is released the 15th of every month. Learn more below the contents of this edition.

Citizen Vote - World of the Month

The results are in! Check out the world that YOU, the Active Worlds citizens chose as October's "World of the Month".

Spooky Spots to Visit

AWEC presents some spooky events for the month of October you won't want to miss!

Worlds to Watch

Have you seen some of the awesome worlds that are in the AW Universe?! Here's a few you won't want to miss.

This Month in History... 1998

The Active Worlds Historical Society sifts through the archives for some tidbits from the past.

Monthly Mystery Location

Figure out where the mystery location is, be the first to submit the correct guess and WIN! See who won last edition!

Artist Tip: Putting Together an Avatar

Stacee brings us on a detailed adventure through the process of gluing together the parts of an avatar.

'The Off World Story,' Anniversary

The Off World team shares their experiences with us and invites the community to their first anniversary!

DreamCty Needs You!

This new world wants you to get involved. Find out what you can do to help.

Aureus Halloween Party

Take part in Aureus' ongoing tradition: their annual Halloween party! Fun things to see and do.

The AWEC Event Calendar for October is Online! (External)

Want to know what activities are happening in the AW Universe? This is the place to find out what's happening, when, and where!

We Wanna Hear From You!

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating. We must receive your additions by the 10th of each month, for it to be included in the edition for that month.


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