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AWUniversity Winter Building Contest

Courtesy of Elyk // AWUniversity

It's almost here! AWUniversity's Winter Building Contest is just right around the corner!! Applications for contestants who wish to be in the contest will start being taken in on the 15th of this month!! Contestants can find the application page at (click here).

The contest will be held in AWUnivAB world, as normal, and building lots will be 6x6 H scale (that is, 6 walk001h.rwx by 6 walk001h.rwx). Building Rules for this contest can be found at; Once again, here is how the contest will be setup and our building theme for this contest is: Christmas / Gingerbread houses

January 15th: Applications will be posted on our web page and accepted until January 25th. (There is no limit! Any registered citizen can apply and be a contestant!!)

January 25th: Applications stop being accepted and the contest begins!

February 15th: Contest building ends and judging begins

February 20th: Judges make final decisions and the winners are announced!!

Prizes that will be given out to the winners will include:

•1st place - 6 month citizenship extension
•2nd place- 3 month citizenship extension
•3rd place- An ActiveWorlds T-Shirt

For more information on AWUniversity or AWUnivAB, contact Elyk at or visit our worlds' web pages:

AWUniversity -
AWUnivAB -


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