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The Active Worlds Movie Contest 1: Congratulations to SW Chris who won the latest Active Worlds movie contest. He will receive a P-50/20 with tourist access good for 1 year. You can view Chris’s awesome movie at We also want to thank Redoubt, tunablues, RyanLion and sweets for their hard work and cool movies.

The Active Worlds Movie Contest 2: Think you have what it takes to make your own movies? Think you can do better than the movies from the last contest? Well now is your chance to show it and become an Active Worlds Star in the process. Both stories and commercials can be submitted. Submissions will be viewable in AWVote and the community can begin voting for their favorite creator on March 5th. The only rules are that your movie/video must be 90% filmed in the Active Worlds Universe, can not have been submitted in a previous Active Worlds contest and all movies must conform to Active Worlds content guidelines.

Please send your submissions to and please make sure your movies are in wmv format. First place will receive a P-50/20 with tourist access and VoIP enabled, Second place will receive a P-30/10 with tourist access and Third place will receive a P-10/5. All prizes will be good for 6 months.

The Active Worlds Toolbar Contest: Thank you to all who contributed to the Active Worlds Toolbar Contest. Please join us in congratulating the winners.

1st Place: Tsukasa – won a 1 year P-30/5
2nd Place: Mauz – won a 1 year P-20/5
3rd Place: Syntax – won a 1 year P-10/5

Their wonderfully cool creations will soon be available for everyone.

Getting Wild in WildAW: New Life in an old world. WildAW has been undergoing a facelift of sorts. We are in the process of adding new objects, avatars and features. Plus we are updating the GZ to create a fun party place for our more mature users. WildAW has one of the largest available object sets in any public building world and is also the only AWI world to offer V4 rights for everyone. WildAW also utilizes the Eclipse Evolution bot created by Mark Randall (Strike Rapier) to allow world users to create shared teleports "Jump Points", benefit from freejoin / rapid movement commands and many other cool features.

Forums: Are you using the Active Worlds forums? The forums are a great resource for Active Worlds users looking for help, sharing information or just trying to be part of our great community. You can view the forums at and use your citizenship information to login. If you have difficulty logging in try the password retrieval link and if problems persist e-mail

ActiveWiki: Another great new resource for the Active Worlds Community is the Active Worlds Wiki pages where users and AWI staff work together to help provide the latest information and instructions for using the Active Worlds product line. You can find and contribute to this great resource at

AWBingo welcomes back King Tex: We are extremely happy to see many old users back in the Active Worlds Universe this month and would like to send a special welcome back to King Tex who immediately resumed his old role as the lead host for the AWBingo games. We are extremely happy to have him with us again and to have his expertise and personal touch back in AWBingo.

AWBingo games are every Wednesday at 5PM VRT.

Citizenship Referral Program: Active Worlds will be trying a new referral program to reward citizens who are helping us grow. When a new customer registers they will have the option of entering the Citizen Name of the person who referred them to Active Worlds. Once the new customer has been registered in Active Worlds for more than two months the Citizen that referred them will receive a free month of citizenship.

Active Worlds Banners and Buttons: We are currently working on several Banners and Buttons you can use to link to or represent Active Worlds. Eventually we will have a page and world you can download these and others from, but until that time you can get them right here at

Active Worlds Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary of the Meeting at Transcend: It is hard to believe it but the years sure have flown by. In March we will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the Meeting at Transcend which was held on March 8, 1997! Some of you old-timers were there and can still remember seeing almost 500 people crammed into our meeting room and breaking all previous simultaneous user records.

Back then we were still on AW version 1.0, were using 28.8 modems with a brad new 486 and our company name was Circle of Fire Studios, Inc. A lot has changed since those early days but we are still having fun. We will be celebrating all of March and have some fun activities and surprises in store for you.

The AWGuides: For those that don’t know, the AWGuides are volunteer Citizens taking time to show new and old users around the Active Worlds Universe. They operate out of the world Tours and have created a great new bot that allows users to call a guide for assistance right from the Tours’ GZ. If you haven’t already, feel free and check out the Active Worlds Tour Guides!

Don’t forget to vote: Still going strong “AWVote” has been a great success. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. We look forward to expanding on this great project and using your feedback to further improve our wonderful community. Look for new content in AWVote around the first Monday of every month.

The Active Worlds Look to the Sky contest: One of Active Worlds' many great features is the wonderful, unique skies world owners can create and use. Well, we want to push your creative talents in hopes you’ll create some of the greatest skies the Active Worlds Universe has ever seen. So for this contest each contestant will be assigned his own small world where he can create his sky submission. First place will receive $250.00 credit towards future purchases and renewals within the Active Worlds Universe, Second Place will receive $100.00 credit towards future purchases and renewals within the Active Worlds Universe and Third Place will receive $50.00 credit towards future purchases and renewals within the Active Worlds Universe.

All submissions will be made available to the community at the end of the contest and prizes are not redeemable for cash. To join the contest simply e-mail First Place will be chosen by the Active Worlds community through voting in AWVote and Second and Third place will be chosen by a Judging Panel made up of Active Worlds staff and select Community Representatives.

Newest PAV Vendor: We would like to welcome our newest PAV vendor “SistaAVs” run by the very talented Lady HardDriven & Lady NightHawk. They are still getting set up, but you can visit their world “Aeon” in the Active Worlds Universe or check out their web site at

New Object Path Search at AWPortals: The Object Path Search allows users to search through several major object paths viewing the models and textures in a web browser as thumbnails with easy search capability. Currently the Alphaworld and AWTeen paths are available for models and textures at and respectively. The Megapath, WildAW, Mars and others will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The Object Path Search is one of several new or improved features made available during the re-launch of on February 2nd.


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