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AWReunion Pensacola
Get ready for summer fun! This reunion will be surrounded by the sandy beaches of Florida!
Lensman's Teleport Maze Station
Lensman reveals more stations in the Teleport Maze.
Sights to See
Like what you see? Buy a copy of your own.
Mystery Location
Find this place and WIN! See who won last time.
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AWEC Event Calendar
Want to know what's going on in the AW Universe for the month of March? You'll find out what, when, and where on the calendar! Provided by the Active Worlds Events Committee.
News Bits

The Gatekeepers and Peacekeepers will now share territories and focus on their individual purposes: greeting and helping new users, and enforcing conduct guidelines. Learn more at the AW Forums and send questions or feedback to Tom at AWI.

Ever wish there was a clean combination of the MegaPath and AlphaWorld object paths? Introducing UberPath! Karten has weeded out conflicts to produce a more usable path for all. Learn more about UberPath.

Do you use a nVidia graphics card? Here's a tutorial on how to tweak your card to optimize the appearance of AW.

Learn about the Metaverse, AW and beyond, in the Metaverse information room at AWSource. Teleport>

Curious about how to set up a multipath for your world? Moo2u has an explanation as well as other AW resources at

AWRealms is a new AW-based game in the works! See their AW blog post or web site for more info.

Stop by AW_Signs world for all your Active Worlds banner and ad needs! Teleport>

AWReunions 2009 have been announced! Learn more about the Pensacola and Vancouver trips.


About the March Header Art

About Header ArtThe magical scene in Russian world is one that'll take your breath away.

Russian is a part of ShopAW, so you can even purchase this build for your own world. Check with ShopAW (citizen L O) for availability.

Teleport to Russian >

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