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"The Extreme Builder Talent Show II" in its final stages!

The second "Extreme Builder Talent Show" is now under way in the world MarsEBTS. This is a special event this year as this area will become the new landing zone for an updated Mars. If you haven't already, be sure to join this great contest. With amazing prizes, nice sized plots and participants from all over the community this is one event you don't want to miss out on.

There is still time to join the fun, but only a few select plots are still available. Building for the contest won’t end till all plots are full and appear complete.

For more information on "The Mars Extreme Builder Talent Show II" please see the Mars section of the AW forums at:

AWLife is now AWNation!

Thanks to voting by the Citizens AWLife is now called AWNation. This concept has been slow going as Flagg has been focused on other projects, however it is slowly coming together and you should look for announcements on the next stages coming up in the AW forums.

AWDebate: Don't be left out!

Thanks to the hard work of PrinceBullet the AWDebate project is taking shape. While still working out some kinks in the process it is clear that AWDebate is going to be a staple in our universe going forward and a place where many great decisions and discussions may be made. To see upcoming debates or to submit a topic please see the AWDebate section of the Active Worlds forums at:

AWMix05 is live.  Join the fun!

AWMix05 is enticing people to join them every Saturday night for fun and games including Trivia and the Acronyms Word Game. Not only do you get to hang out and chat with some of the best people in AW but you could win a prize for your world. So come on in to AWMix05 on Saturdays at 10PM VRT and have some fun.

Winter Returning to Active Worlds.

A very popular building world called Winter was lost a few years ago. Thanks to Talisan and the many folks helping him AWI is proud to announce the return of Winter world. This will be a brand new world with tons of space for building and fun. With new objects, activities and enthusiasm this version of Winter will be better than ever.

4.2 is Live!

Active Worlds version 4.2 went beta on February 11th. This latest version of the Active Worlds software focuses on the CAV (Custom Avatars) system.

For a sneak peak of the CAV system please check the Active Worlds forums at  

For a sneak peak at some of the other cool, new features check out

To try them yourself simply login to the beta Universe using your existing Citizenship information

Bingo every Week.

Your favorite online pastime is back and better than ever. Join DMC2U and the gang for some old time bingo fun and great prizes every Wednesday at 5PM VRT. Also, don't forget CitBingo for Citizens with Citizen-donated prizes every Friday and hosted by the lovely Garnet and her team. Tourists can try the Citizen bingo experience on Saturdays with the fabulous host Lazysuzy and her friends in AWTBingo.

AWTrivia is back with your new Lead Host, Digigurl.

AWTrivia is an AWI sponsored event and will go live on Saturday June 7th with Movie Trivia. Be sure to join us for fun and many cool prizes.

Still Learning How to Build?

Don't forget the AWSchool and AWNewbie worlds are there to help you learn both the basic and advanced skills for making your ideas come to life in the Active Worlds Universe.

Personal Avatars.

Our PAV Vendors have been hard at work! The Active Worlds Universe now has over 100 active personal avatars and more are being added each week. Want to customize your look? Contact SistaAvs today!

SistaAvs -

Looking for Volunteers.

We are currently working on many new and exciting projects in the Active Worlds Universe and could use some volunteers with expertise in objects, textures, avatars, seqs and bots. If you would like to volunteer your assistance and have skills in any of these areas please stop by the world ACT and contact Lee R to be a part of the fun and the future.


Looking for content for your new or old world? Trying to figure out how particles work? AWFX is the place you need to stop next. With the coolest resources for particles and other graphic effects, AWFX is now the number one resource center for aspiring world builders.

Active Worlds Banners and Buttons.

We are currently working on several Banners and Buttons you can use to link to or represent Active Worlds. Eventually we will have a page and world you can download these and others from, but until that time you can get them right here at

Active Worlds Forums.

Are you using the Active Worlds forums? The forums are a great resource for Active Worlds users looking for help, sharing information or just trying to be part of our great community. You can view the forums at and use your citizenship information to login. If you have difficulty logging in try the password retrieval link and if problems persist e-mail


Another great new resource for the Active Worlds Community is the Active Worlds Wiki pages where users and AWI staff work together to help provide the latest information and instructions for using the Active Worlds product line. You can find and contribute to this great resource at

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