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Community Acknowledgements

Citizen Mariane of "Pippinville" in AW has begun taking feedback from the
community and AWI in order to give out monthly awards to members of the
community who make a positive difference in our environment.

She also has a display area in AW, called the Hall of Fame:
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Here is her list of recipients for awards this month:

Best Community Leader: DMC2U (AWBingo)

Extraordinary Contribution to the Community: Mark Randall (bot work), SW City
(community areas and content), MaXPoly (Spreading the joy of dance)

Best Community Worker 10 Years Anniversary: Class 3 (PKs, bot work, AWMix07)

Best Community Web Site:

Creative Build of the Month: Seiya (AWTeen GZ)

Exceptional Avatar: Onald (Very cool custom avs)

Exceptional Effort for work above the normal: PrinceBullet

Exceptional Build Award: Seiya (AWTeen GZ)

Friendliness Award: Guri Lady

Advanced Sequences

Citizen Horsy has also created some short videos on YouTube showing off some
great sequence work from his world EcoleCob.



AW_Fun!! Building Contest

Also AW_Fun!! is wrapping up its first contest and everyone should
definitely check out some of the wonderful builds there. See what people come up with when strict building dimensions are imposed on their work! More information
can be found at

UberPath Available

The UberPath is now available at More information on this project can be found at

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