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All's Well In The AW Universe!

As many of you are aware, the main server for the Active Worlds Universe underwent a disruption of service during the first week of December due to an issue with the motherboard. Our Technical Support Team worked with the crew from SUN Microsystems to get services fully restored, and with a fresh new motherboard the Universe is back to it's normal rotation around AW's virtual worlds!

We realize how frustrating the intermittent downtime was for all of our tourists, citizens and world owners - and we are grateful for your patience while services were being restored. As a thank you to all our citizens and world owners we have extended all citizenships and world licenses for an additional 7 days.

Again, our thanks and best wishes,, Inc.


If, at any time, you find that you are having any troubles with your citizenship or world, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team directly. Please also be sure to check our Network Status page for up-to-date information on the Active Worlds Universe.



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