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Courtesy of AWEC

The team at AWEC is happy to offer you a new and easier way to submit your events to the AWEC Calendar. Just check out our Events Registration site! Make sure to get your events registered with us, so you will be eligible to participate in the 1st Annual AWEC Awards, which will be held in January.

In addition to our new online sites, AWEC is happy to offer MONTHLY PRIZES! By participating in AWEC events you will be eligible to win a one month citizenship extension, one of two email addresses and a P-10/5 world without hosting. So keep a look out in the AWEC News each month, we will announce which events will have what prizes.

While you're thinking of the Holidays and what goodies Santa will bring you, the team at AWEC is working hard to plan a fun and exciting Anniversary celebration for you. This year marks AWCC's 3rd Anniversary. AWCC, also known as the AW Community Center is home to AW Events Committee (AWEC), CY Awards, AW Historical Society and AW Community Register. Come join us and celebrate all that these organizations have provided you over the years. If you would like more information about Anniversary email us at

AWEC Christmas Present Treasure Hunt

Santa is checking his list, have you been naughty or nice? Are you wanting a little bit more than coal this year? Then come to the AWEC Christmas Present Treasure Hunt, beginning December 14th at midnight (12am VRT) and running till midnight on December 15th in the world Vision2. That's 24 hours of Christmas goodies for you. Look for all kinds of Christmas stuff. The prizes will include: a one month citizenship or extension, one email address and a P-10/5 world without hosting! Tourist are welcome to participate. Don't be a Scrooge! Come look and see what Santa left for you! Make sure you come a few hours early, so you can download the world. Click here for more information.

Stand Up Comedy Night

Make people laugh and win a PRIZE! Yes, it pays to be funny. The funniest comedians will receive an my.activeworlds email address! Think you're up to the challenge? Then step up to the stage and show us what you've got. You suffer from stage fright? That's ok: just stop by for a laugh, and watch the show. If you would like to perform in AWEC's Stand Up Comedy Night, please email Nitouche at for more information. Comedy night is Sat. December 21st at 10pm VRT in AWCC world (14.80N 20.43E 0.00a 358). We look forward to seeing you there!

Remeber to check out Holiday Fun in A_Star World, Bingo, Trivia and other events listed on the AWEC Calendar at Get more details on some of the fun events this month at

The AWEC Team would like to wish you all the a very merry, and a very safe Holiday Season!

- Meranna AWEC Webmaster / Newsletter Director, and the Team at AWEC


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