Current edition: Vol.5, No.11, November 2002

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Recommended Hot Spots

This is where you can get tips on places to visit from the "insiders". These correspondents are leaders in their worlds, who take the time to seek out new, exciting, and different places to visit in their worlds. Don't miss a single destination on this list if you want to know what's cool in the AW Universe!

Goober King
UTN Web Site

Goober King's UTN Recommendation

Lost Islands - AW 12530.7s 29240.7w 0.1a 180

Formerly a part of Summerland Estates, this burgeoning area has now become its own town. As the name implies, this town is unique in that each "lot" is its own island, each its own shape and size. This makes for lots of things to see and places to explore! Right off the bat, you can visit OneSummer's house, check out an ancient castle, or explore a tomb that looks like something out of The Matrix, and that's just for starters! So set sail for the Lost Islands, and claim your island paradise!


AWHS Web Site

Daphne's Historical Recommendation

This month's AWHS recommended "Hot Spot" is Tyrell's Domain in Alpha World and a good place to start is 1.31N 474.41E 0.00a 174...

Tyrell has been around ActiveWorlds since 1995 and very much a part of the Community; helping fellow citizens and helping with a few different groups over the years... I believe he's best known for his work with the AWHS Museum at 1501.4n 500e 1.05a 284 in Alpha world... That is quite an undertaking, having become the caretaker of it where Jdal, it's 1st builder, left off...

There are many areas to see in this large complex known as Tyrell's Domain... It was started in November/December of 1995 and much of it has been added to or updated since that time... He's added lights and other features, making for more interesting exploring... The build has many areas of interest and even has a learning center that contains some helpful links and teleports...

I'd say some pretty good imagination went into this work over the years... I know I enjoyed spending the time to explore it... Check it out using this URL and it's "hot links" to Tyrell's Domain sites in Alpha::: !!!

Some other useful information that Tyrell has put together for users can be found at so I hope you will check that page out also...

Thank you, Tyrell, for being a nice part of ActiveWorlds history and an important part of the ActiveWorlds Historical Society...

Poseidon & Chanty
AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation

Historical AWTeen GZs 104S 1804E

Courtesy of jstone2004

This Month's hotspot of the month is a center for historical AWTeen GZs. Built by bonzai, this center features ten GZs from the past. You start with a list of teleports to each one, and from there, you get teleported to that particular GZ. The earliest, is from June of 2001, and the latest is from this last September. I highly reccomend a visit to this build. It is good history and good times all wrapped up in one. Bonzai is constantly looking for more historical AWTeen GZ's to add to the collection, so if anyone has a propdump of one, contact him!


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