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VLearn3D 2002 - "Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds"

You are invited to attend the fifth annual VLEARN3D Conference in Cyberspace: VLearn3D 2002- "Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds"

Where: VLEARN World in the AW Education Universe (quick start guide here:

When: Saturday, December 7, 2002 9am to 2:30pm PST, Noon to 5:30pm EST, 5pm to 10:30pm GMT

Registration Information: Please register here: - All events are free!

This year's conference in cyberspace will be centered around the themes we are exploring in the CILT-funded research project, "Building Blocks for Virtual worlds." Featured sessions include the following:

  • Community Development in 3D Worlds (Keynote)
  • Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds and the CILT Design Principles Database Project (Panel 1)
  • Interactive Avatars for Science Learning (Special Presentation)
  • Gaming and Counseling in Virtual Worlds (Special Presentation)
  • Brainstorming a Virtual World "Toolkit" for Education (Roundtable Discussion)
  • Hands-On Building Session for Students
  • Open Tours of AWedu Worlds
  • Virtual Sunset Closing Ceremony

VLearn3D is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the nonprofit Contact Consortium
The Building Blocks Project is. Find out more information here:
Fall 2002 Roundtable transcripts can be found here:

Review VLearn3D 2001 conference transcripts and screenshots: Vlearn3D 2001 "Knowledge Spaces & Information Landscapes"

We look forward to having you join us in December!
Bonnie DeVarco, Margaret Corbit, Katy Borner
Conference Organizers, VLearn3D 2002


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