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Evil? Not really. Get to know DrEvil in February's column.

DrEvilKiwi: Hi there DrEvil ;-) Thank you for taking time from that busy schedule of yours to do this interview.

DrEvil: You're welcome, Bootz, my pleasure. My apologies... maybe I should be more formal and call you Kiwi *grins*

Kiwi: Where from?

DrEvil: I'm from the Northeast US, in New Jersey... right across the river from Manhattan.

Kiwi: What do you do in the real world?

DrEvil: Unfortunately I'm not a real doctor, nor am I that evil. I've worked in the computer industry for the most part, and plan to continue in an IT aspect... but currently I'm on hiatus from that, doing some subcontracting. Ultimately I'd like to pursue a career in writing.

Kiwi: How long in Active Worlds?

DrEvil: I've been in AW since 1998... although I have taken a number of sabbaticals, I tend to keep coming back when time permits it. I've had the pleasure of witnessing most of AW's progress over time.

Kiwi: What do you like to do in AW?

DrEvil: I enjoy much of the creative aspects of AW... I like to build and like to see what people build. I appreciate artistic style and expression. But mostly, at this time, I enjoy coming on and socializing, you know, talk a little, joke around with all the good folks in AW, get some laughs and give some... and on 'very rare' occasions, a little innocent flirting with the wonderful women of AW. BTW... did I mention I really like those boots you have on?... quite flattering on you *smile*

Kiwi: lol just answer the questions. Where do you hang out?

DrEvil: In AW? I tend to wander from place to place, sometimes just exploring and checking out creations. The gate is a place I stop in frequently. I'll also go to Mix7 to relax and hang out with some friends there. Plus I tend to visit some of my closer friends at their places, where we can unwind and let loose a bit. It all depends on mood and how evil I feel at the moment. Why do you suddenly look worried? Ok... so next question?

Kiwi: I've seen you a lot having fun at AWMix07. You into music?

DrEvil: Yes, as I've said, I do like to go there and relax and socialize. I enjoy all kinds of good music, being a musician myself *pulls out guitar and busts out some riffs*. Anyway... mix7 tends to play a variety of excellent music and I enjoy hanging out and dancing to it... my compliments to the DJs. Sometimes I find it hard to leave once I'm enjoying the music, until something rare comes on that I don't like too much, like say some Bon Jovi or something. ...Why are you glaring at me like that? Did I say something wrong? So... next question?

Kiwi: Bon Jovi rocks pffftt lol. And I have seen your dance skills. Keep those lessons with Macee going lol.

DrEvil: Yes I'm a damn good dancer, and humble to boot. Sweet little Macee is an excellent teacher in so many ways... truly a one of a kind doll. Honestly though, I should give most of the credit to my routine dance partner Ridley... she makes me look good simply by bathing me in her opulent radiance. Hmmmm... was that too much? Anyway... next.

Kiwi: How did you find Active Worlds?

DrEvil: To be honest, I don't even remember, it was so long ago. All I do remember was that at the time it was unique and caught my interest immediately.

Kiwi: Tell us more about yourself as a builder.

DrEvil: Oh sure. I haven't so much recently but I plan to soon again, especially now that I have a tiny world to play around with. I've built numerous things in AW and other worlds... some nice things on worlds that no longer exist unfortunately, which is a shame. I'm not the greatest builder, but take pride in my creations. I mostly build for visual appreciation... although I'm notorious for not finishing my projects. Excuse me? Did you say something? Sounded like you whispered something to yourself like "that's not all you're notorious for." No? Oh... well... nevermind then...

Kiwi: No comment to that hahahaha. If you were in charge of Active Worlds, what would be the first thing you would do to bring in more people?

DrEvil: Well, I used to be in marketing, so I could probably go on for hours on ideas about this topic... but to be brief, I'd probably focus mostly on ramping up exposure to the people. That's always the first and most important step.

Kiwi: Do you think we have enough for tourists to see when they first come in to Active Worlds?

DrEvil: I think there's plenty for tourists to see when they come in, as far as places to visit and check out. Lots of interesting worlds and builds to explore.

Kiwi: If you had to come up with something negative about AW, what would it be?

DrEvil: Aside from the marketing aspect I mentioned above? I'd say that it needs to be just a bit more tourist friendly, especially at the gate, where they first enter AW. It should be a lot more, in your face so to speak, with regard to what a tourist would need to know and what would pique their immediate interests.

The very first and obvious things they should see are how to use the AW browser and/or be directed to AWSchool to get acclimated. Also they should immediately see something to show them how to utilize the custom avatar features, since I think that is probably the most interesting feature to some of the new people here... and to further that, the customization capabilities for avatars should be expanded upon even more. I think that's an underestimated (by AWI) appealing facet to new users.

Kiwi: What would say is your favorite world to visit?

DrEvil: That's a tough one to answer. I like to visit a lot of places for various reasons. If we're speaking strictly for builds I might say AlphaWorld, just because of its expansiveness and variety... but there are so many individual worlds that are quite impressive also.

Kiwi: How would you describe AW to friends?

DrEvil: Well that depends. With my normal pool shooting/poker buddies, I tell them it's a place to go hang and chat with "people" from all over. With my few more creative guy friends and kids and women in general, I bring up the chatting and go into more detail about little fun things like the games and music and the creative aspects of AW.

Kiwi: For others to get to know you better tell us something good and something not so good about yourself.

DrEvil: Hmmmm. Well for good, I like to think I'm a genuinely nice guy and fun to be around... I don't know... hard to answer. Remember, I'm humble and modest, almost shy. As for negative... well... I am evil, but in a very innocuous way *smile* Honestly... I don't know, really, maybe that I procrastinate too much. Tough question, really, more like something someone would ask if... Hmmmm, are you hitting on me, Kiwi?

Kiwi: Trust me no lol. You recently became a Guide at AWSchool. You like to help people?

DrEvil: Yes I like to help people. I always have and I do it often. Might as well do it in a bit more structured manner. Besides that, I was recruited by a relentless sweetheart of a girl, who just wouldn't give up... maybe you know of her *wink*

Kiwi: I have no idea who you're talking about lol. You get the last word.

DrEvil: How about *cheers* to my AW family. I'd also like to thank you for a pleasant interview. Oh and did I mention I really like your boots. *smile*

Kiwi: Rolls eyes. Now you don't get the last word lol. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better. Have a great day :-)

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