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Infernal Machines

Infernal Machines and Diabolical Traps
Building Contest from February 18th to March 20th

Inferal Machines Build Contest

The French community offers citizens an Active Worlds building contest from February 18 to March 20 on the theme of "Infernal Machines and Diabolical Traps". 'arsene.' and Horsy are responsible for the organization of this contest. There will be two prizes, one awarded by a jury of ten persons of Active Worlds and the other assigned by citizens voting in the forum.

'arsene.' and Horsy and jury members are not allowed to enter the contest. The jury will not be unveiled until the awards ceremony. Horsy and 'arsene.' are not members of the jury. Jury members will rate each construction with five notes from 1 to 10:

1) respect for the subject

2) originality

3) construction skills

4) skill of commands usage

5) usage and mastery of effects.

The contestant with the most points will win the Jury Prize. The one who receives the most votes from the forum will win the citizens’ prize. Prizes are Swiss Army knives and months of additional citizenship.

The competition takes place in the world 'Machines'. Every citizen receives a field of 60x60 meters. Citizens can participate as a team but there will be only one prize. Participants have to build their construction using objects from Megapath. The contest begins Friday, February 18 at 18h VRT and ends Friday, March 18 at 18h VRT. Then on Saturday, March 19 jury members will give their ratings and citizens can vote in the forum. Results will be announced Sunday, March 20 at 18h VRT.

You can now book your property by sending a telegram to Horsy or 'arsene.' and by email to Do not forget to register on the forum to vote on Saturday, March 19.

Good luck to everyone

Thanks to Tonio for translation.

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