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Peacekeeper Tips

Peacekeeper TipsPeacekeepers take harassment complaints very seriously. Every single one of them is investigated in as much detail as possible.

Log Your Chat

If you are experiencing harassment it is a good idea to always log your chat by going to options, settings, chat and ticking the box to log the chat to file. Your chat logs are central evidence to establish the fact that you may be subject to harassment. This is especially important if it is an ongoing situation. If that happens on the spur of the moment you can copy and paste the log from your screen; however, any evidence - even a paraphrased conversation - is sufficient to launch an investigation. Please understand that Peacekeepers do require proof before an intervention with the people involved occurs.

Be Proactive

We emphasize that you can also mute people by clicking on their avatar and selecting mute and privacy options which appear and also hide your own presence from them. It is often a good idea to simply avoid trouble rather than seeking it out.  However if you require a Peacekeeper please access for our citizen names and feel free to call any one of them to assist. Peacekeepers do not tolerate harassment in any form as specified by the guidelines.

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