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If you are itchy to start building 3D objects for your own Active World, then TrueSpace3 from Caligari Corporation may be the choice for you. Truespace3 is fairly easy to get started with if you are a first time modeler. It is also quite low in cost compared to other modeling programs out there. TS3 has more than enough building tools to make the low polygon models required by your Active Worlds. Also, Caligariís .COB (Caligari object) and .SCN (Caligari scene) file formats are supported directly by your Active World, so there is no need for conversion into a different format! All you have to do is create the object and save it as a .COB or .SCN file. Then take the saved file and zip it up with a compression utility such as WinZip. Now when you place the object file into your worlds object path you will be ready to build with it in your Active World! While in Active Worlds, simply take an object and rename it as your new object. Be sure to add the file extension so Active Worlds knows what to look for. (ex. chair.cob or building.scn)

*Activeworlds Citizens* : You can now get Truespace3 for $69.95!!! Click here:



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