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The Mole Comes to Active Worlds

Courtesy of Mike Zimmer

What is the Mole you ask? Well, It is a little animal, but it is also a television show. Thanks to Dark Mod and myself, we are bringing this exciting and edge of the seat game to Active Worlds. In world AW is where the headquarters is and where most of the missions take place.

Scheduled to start on Saturday, April 21th at 3:00pm VRT, all contestants will have to be at the main headquarters (World AW at 6463N 2388W) at least 20 minutes before it starts. Spectators can come at any time, but must be aware that none of the missions take place anywhere near the headquarters. To help with that problem there will be a list of missions that will take you to where the missions are.

So, you still have no clue what The Mole is? It is a game where you put 8 citizens with a Mole. The Mole's job is to stay secret yet sabotage their missions. So you ask "Why would The Mole want to sabotage the missions?". If The Mole stops you from completing at least four missions, The Mole wins the free P/10 world with five users. So the players goal is to find out who The Mole is and stay in the game! Sounds simple, I think not.

There are seven missions and after each mission they must take a test on The Mole. The person that scores the lowest on this test is out of the game for good. There are 15 questions on the Mole and the last mission they had. The tests aren't the easiest you have had but they will determine your future. So, you must pay close attention during the missions to find out who is The Mole. If you would like all of the information, it is posted up at the headquarters.

The grand prize for the last person left with The Mole is a P/10 world with 5 users. The second place person will get a free sign or JPG board at the headquarters for their use. The only way the Mole can win is by sabotaging at least four missions. The players must win the missions at any cost to stop The Mole from winning!

The missions are secret but they include a ghost town, a maze, the famous paintball and a building mission. The players will be traveling all over the universe for this game, and not staying in one world. For all you know, you could get a Mole contestant knocking on your door asking to come in! So, be on the look out for the players because you'll never know where they will end up, when they click the Go To Mission button.

Since we already have all of the people we need, we just need spectators. So, check back every so often to the headquarters to the latest updates on The Mole. I hope to see you there, and trying to find out the question that everyone is dying to know, Who is The Mole?



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