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Recommended Hot Spots

This where you can get tips on places to visit from the "insiders". These correspondents are leaders in their worlds, and who take the time to seek out new, exciting, and different places to visit in their worlds. Don't miss a single destination on this list if you want to know what's cool in the AW Universe!

AlphaWorld World Page

Agent1's AW Recommendation

Little Bull's Forest - AW 635.2s 564.7e

This is another old build, but pretty good nonetheless. Little Bull built this large area in 1996, and I just found it. There's a chess board at the coordinates I've supplied, and a winding path through a dense forest. The sprites are solid, though, so be careful! :)


Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation

Atlantis: *Dav0's Water Ride Atlantis 54S 87.7e 5.6a

This is a fascinating ride. You will need to press the minus key until you touch the water, then move forward.


Mars World Page

Canopus' Mars Recommendation

The Mars Hotspot for this month is Earth II, created by Badger1. Earth II has recreated an entire system of Earthlike environments on Mars, where use of Martian water is the key. Operating a grand irrigation system and pumping stations (under its System Controller unit), water from hill reservoirs is conveyed to Earth II's living and growing modules. An animated transport system carries visitors from the palatial central hall to the Earth Gallery, the Airport, the Moeg Mines, and Earth II's extensive Landscape Gardens.

Earth II is located at Mars 926N 185E 180, close to the arctic lode of ancient Martian water ice. Visitors arriving from Earth (the original one) should take a rocket plane from the Orbiting Space Station (0N 953W 30.6A)to Aeria Spaceport(311N 988W 6A 120) and depart on the Nilosyrtis Railway, which heads north to the Pole. Join the Borealis East Tour at the North Pole Station (864N 988E 0.4A 280) and select the Earth II destination.


COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Discussion Group

jupytr's COFMeta Recommendation

Capri City COFMeta 265.1s 171.7E 0.1a 179

Capri City... a beautiful and large city located in the heart of cofmeta world. Here, you will find realistic looking buildings and tons to see. It's like visiting a real world place :)

Capri Primal, the founder, has put countless hours into creating this spectacular place. Let him know what you think! He will be giving tours of Capri City all during the Meta World Fest. Tour times are found here:

Make sure you visit Capri City. It really is worth seeing.


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation

AWBrasil - AW 29955S 74.9E

Nestled in the extreme southern regions of AW, AWBrasil is one of the largest bilingual communities around! Divided up into East and West Sides, AWBrasil is now opening it's doors to non-Brazilian residents! They have an identity card system for city residents and even their own botless money system! And there's so many places to see, that I can't list them all! So come to AWBrasil, and get a virtual taste of Old Brazil! :)


Web Site

AWCOMREG's Recommendation


Ever want to wonder down a street in New York, without getting mugged? Well this is your chance! Yes without ever leaving your home, you can go down one of the United States, most famous streets, Broadway. Broadway, is one of the most realistic recreations in AW. Take a walk past the Times Square Gallery and stop for a drink at WWF New York. Stay a while at the amazing Marriott Marquis (Though I recall the Marriott having more rooms). Catch a show, at any number of the Theaters. Broadway is a great experience, from Annie Get Your Guns, to Times Square; it's all there.

Anduin Lothario and the AWComReg Journalists


SW Comit
CLC Web Site

The CLC Recommendation

Town: Quietwood
Mayor: WilliamR
Location: Alpha World 1023.3S 5100.5E

I particularly liked this town because it used custom textures, so instead of seeing objects with their default texture, you can see them "in a new light". The main grass texture itself is rather creative alone. There's a nice courthouse near GZ, and the town has a playable laser tag arena. The northwestern side of town was my favorite area personally because it had a lot of creative architecture. This quiet place is a mid sized town, and is still active.

M u n k u y
AWHS Web Site

M u n k u y's Historical Recommendation

Site: Tauntaun's Place
Date: January 1996 to Present
Coords: AW 202N 888W

... What? You're still here? You know the drill... What are you waiting for? Go look now! :)



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