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Courtesy of Netwire

You emerge into a dark and challenging environment, take a few seconds to get your bearings - they will be important, because now you have to fight for your life.

AWTeen Minor Events presents an off-the-charts, multi-floored and multi-environmental shoot-em-up above and beyond anything that you have seen in AW before.

Huge Teams! Huge Playing Fields! Huge Bases! What more could you want?

ReGenesis goes further, adding new dimensions to gameplay, with hidden vents and access rooms allowing you to infiltrate the enemy base, capture secret rooms and you can lay down fire allowing your strike groups to move forward and hit the enemy base reactor.

So what is Quasar? It's similar to paintball, but it is a lot more tactical, each of the 2 playing teams has a base, an energizer crystal and a core. Want to know the primary objective? Hit your enemies core with as many hits as you can and disable their base.

Sound simple? It couldn't be more so. You don't just find energy cells laying around the ground, your weapon will need recharging at your bases energy coil, do you have enough shots left to fight your way to it without getting hit yourself?


Quasar ReGenesis will be AWTeen's first regular event for a long time, how regular? Take a look below.

---- Schedule ----
8pm (20:00) VRT
10:00 (22:00) GMT

Come and join AWTeen in this one-of-a-kind gaming experience.


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