Current edition: Vol.7, No.12, December 2004

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AWLife Offers New World Hosting

Courtesy of Poseidon

As of last month, a new group in Active Worlds by the name of AWLife began offering world and bot hosting to citizens of all AW Universes. The groups goal is to offer affordable, yet reliable hosting in the area of bots and worlds. On top of bot and world hosting, AWLife is also offering FTP space for your world's object path, if you're hosted on their servers.

At AWLife, we offer two basic packages for world servers.

  • P-10, 5 user for $8/month
  • Any size, with a user limit over 5 (but not exceeding 15) for $12/month
  • For worlds falling outside of these brackets, please contact for a special quote. Please include your world details.

If you would like more information about the various services offered through AWLife, feel free to check out the website at: or contact either Poseidon, Bluemaxe, or Netwire. We look forward to hearing from you! Visit today!

Please note: This is an unofficial user site not affiliated with Activeworlds, Inc.


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