Current edition: Vol.7, No.12, December 2004

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New Game World Opens

Courtesy of Poseidon

Last week TyriaX, the home of a new game was released for the public. The world is focused on puzzle solving, and adventuring through an ancient Egyptian temple. The story behind the world is quite simple: You, the main character, have become stranded somewhere in Ancient Egypt through a freak accident in a time traveling experiment. When you enter the world, your memory is gone, and you don't know what's taken place - all you do know, is that the plane you were on, has crashed, and mysteriously you are one of only a handful of survivors.

We invite you to join the first world, out of an entire series, and discover this new story to hit virtual reality! :) If you have any questions regarding the world, comments, or suggestions, please contact Poseidon either in world, or at


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