Peacekeeper Tips
Courtesy of Lensman

There is a building trick the most experienced builders know. In this article I am addressing this capability for those of you who do not know about it.


Small Increments

This trick is the shift key. When you're building normally you use the arrow keys to move objects about and several other keys to twist and turn. When you do this they all move in measured increments. Sometimes the objects the builder attempts to put together are not exactly where they should be. Small adjustments are necessary. All one has to do is to hold the shift key down and objects using the same movement commands will move in tiny increments. This offers unique opportunities to manipulate objects into smooth complex constructs.


As with any project it is vitally important that all land to be used in the project is claimed before any serious building starts. That means putting down as many land objects as you think you will need and then a bit more to provide a buffer. The placing of these objects should not incorporate the shift command unless attempting to move the land object exactly up against the side of an object you do not own. If this is the case use the shift key for the first

object only. Then the standard keys for the remainder. In this way you will avoid a gap. You will find that you will have a protracted conversation with the building inspector during this process.


Experienced Vandals

Making sure there is no gap is critical. This is important because objects that are signs have little or no depth at all. Consequently an experienced vandal can place an insulting message exactly along the tiny gap between the two properties if a gap exists. Once this occurs the object must be reported to the Peacekeepers using a garbage report.


Once you start using the shift key it is extremely difficult to return everything to the start point unless you use the undo command or erase the object and start over. It is possible to simply count the number of times you move the object while you hold the key down but that's often difficult to keep track of.


In closing, the Peacekeepers would like to wish every tourist and citizen in our happy little universe a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year filled with upgrades and exciting changes for everyone. It would help everything a great deal if we could all be nice to each other.