What's New in Active Worlds

Peacekeeper Tips

Hold the tips -- It's time to show off! Build to an audience this month.

Sights to See

Five breathtaking places in our own backyard.

Despite being rather old (many objects are owned by the Active Worlds Historical Society and date back to the year 2000), History world contains an Asian-themed build with stunning architecture and fine texturing. A subtle backdrop completes the atmosphere. Definitely worth a gander.

Mystery Location

The Roving Explorer

This time around we're looking at AWReunion world.

Find this location and win one month of citizenship!

Citizen Spotlight

Lady Murasaki takes the spotlight this month.

Making Great Textures

Stacee shows us how the right texture can make all the difference.

Maze Stations

Lensman reveals two more locations in the vast Teleport Maze.

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