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Citizenship Referral Program: The Citizen Referral Program has begun. Active Worlds will be trying a new referral program to reward citizens who are helping us grow. When a new customer registers they will have the option of entering the Citizen Name of the person who referred them to Active Worlds. Once the new customer has been registered, in Active Worlds, for more than two months the Citizen that referred them will receive a free month of Citizenship. (depending on the activation method a new customer can enter your Citizen information in a "Comments" field or in a "Referred by" field)

Active Worlds Browser Toolbar Contest: Want to showoff your creative talent? Think you know what the Active Worlds Toolbar should look like? Then prove it! Starting November 1st you can send in your submissions for the Active Worlds Browser Toolbar Contest. Simply send your submissions or questions to 1st place will receive a P-30/5, 2nd place is a P-20/5 and 3rd place is a P-10/5. The top three winning toolbars will be included in the next Active Worlds update. Contest has been extended till December 29th. (Toolbar examples can be found in your default Active Worlds directory under “toolbars”)

VoIP Changes:
Starting December 4th all P-50/5s and above will be eligible for free VoIP. This is optional and must be activated by AWI at your request. There is an additional hosting cost of 49.95 for any world hosted by AWI that has VoIP enabled.

Personal Avatars: A Personal Avatar or PAV is an Avatar that will stay with you no matter what world you enter. Though certain theme specific worlds may disallow the use of them for theme or game based purposes. PAVs are currently $39.95 to submit and enable and available through
e-mail only. For more information on the submission process please see the Active Worlds forums or e-mail

PAV Approved vendors: Starting this month we will be selecting and enabling a few PAV Vendors to start operating in Active Worlds. These vendors submissions will be pre-approved and they will be able to offer PAV services to the community at a discounted rate. Look soon for information on these approved PAV vendors in the AWGate and the next edition of the AWNewsletter.

AW V-4 Builders Contest: Think you are the best builder in all of AW? Prove it! To join simply e-mail Plots will be handed out on the 15th of December and winners will be chosen December 29th. The top three winners will receive V-4 builder rights in AlphaWorld.

New Public world - AWVoice:
AWVoice will open it's doors early this December. This is a simple world were people can hang out and voice chat.

Active Worlds Best DJ Contest: Chosen by the Citizens of Active Worlds through voting in "AWVote" each month we will crown one DJ as "The best in Active Worlds". That DJ's Radio Station will be featured in many of Active Worlds public and game worlds. Find out last months winner in AWVote now.

Active Worlds Movie Contest:
Think you have what it takes to make your own movies? Both stories and commercials can be submitted and voting/viewing will open on December 15th in "AWVote". The only rule is that your movie/video must be 90% filmed in the Active Worlds Universe. You can send your submissions to please make sure your movies are in wmv format. First place will receive a P-50/20 with tourist access good for 1 year.


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