What's New For December In The AW Universe

Holiday Specials

Activeworlds, Inc. has some great specials on AW goods for the holiday season!


Announcements from Active Worlds

Flagg has a LOT more announcements about upcoming events and changes in AW!


Storage's Multi-World Christmas Present Hunt

Don't forget to add 'mouse' to your Christmas wishlist this year! You'll need one after the Multi-World Christmas Present Hunt!


Monthly Mystery Location

Figure out where the mystery location is, be the first to submit the correct guess and WIN! See who won last edition!


Ancients World Grand Opening

A new world is opening - come join the celebration with live music from AWSRadio!


AWEC Christmas Gala

A spectacular event by the AWEC! Come dance, chat, and enjoy music during this two day event!


Flagg's Worlds to Watch

Flagg is exploring the universe and brings you a current list of his top ten favorite finds each month in Flagg's Worlds to Watch.


Lensman’s Teleport Maze Station of the Month

Check out Lensman's location choice this month!


The AWEC Event Calendar for December is Online!

Want to know what activities are happening in the AW Universe?
This is the place to find out what's happening, when, and where!

About December's Header Art

The header shot this month was taken in Gala world. Gala is a regular winter wonderland! Beautiful objects and a soothing atmosphere contribute to the seasonal experience in Gala.


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