AWEC Annual Festival 2006

Courtesy of OneSummer / AWEC

AWEC would like to thank the community for the large turnout to this years festival. There were over a hundred visitors. Thank you to all the world owners for their participation.

No one left this years event empty handed, all were given a little something to remember how grand the Active Worlds community is.

Christmas Gala

December 16th and 17th
6pm VRT
AWEC World

YOU'RE invited to a Gala! Clustered in the Holiday Season, Christmas, is the time of Frosty, Rudolph, and roasting chestnuts that spread good will to all. It is a festive time of gifts, parties and merriment, so get into the spirit, and join us!

We will be having two days of music, dancing, chatting and best of all a chance for you to win prizes!

During this two day event you will be interacting with the "Spirit of the Holiday Season Bot". At the closing of the event the big wheel will start to spin up, where it stops, no one knows (except for Santa of course).

Learn more about the Christmas Gala at:

AWEC Opportunities

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