Storage's Multi-World Christmas Present Hunt

Courtesy of Elyk

It's that time again! Come join us in Storage world for the infamous Multi-World Present Hunt!

This year's hunt will run from December 22nd to the 24th.

It will begin at 8pm VRT on Friday and end at 8pm VRT on Sunday and will once again range over several unique worlds!

Tourists and citizens both will be able to participate in the hunt for prizes. Hunters participating in this year's hunt will run across many different obstacles in their path of gaining the most presents, some of which will include:

  • Point deduction presents" (presents that give a negative score and deduct points when clicked on)
  • Disappearing presents (presents that disappear instead of giving points when clicked)
  • Flaming presents (presents that burst into flames upon clicking and deduct points)
  • Quiz presents (presents that display trivia questions in order to achieve points)

Each hunter should be wary of these and choose their presents wisely during the hunt!! The hunter with the most presents at the end of the hunt wins the grand prize. Prizes will be donated by a variety of citizens and some will include worlds, citizenships, citizenship extensions and several object prizes donated by our communities' talented modelers! So if you are a tourist who is looking into getting a citizenship, now is your chance to try and win one!!!

Interested in helping us out?? We are always looking for more world owners and prize donators to join in the hunt. If you would like to donate a prize, visit, your prize will be added directly to our site! If you are interested in participating your world in this years hunt, please contact Diane or Elyk in world. (Note: all world participants are exempt from hunting during the hunt and are responsible for hiding presents in their world by the deadline and must also complete a world sign-up form found on the web page).

Don't think you have enough time to hide presents throughout your world(s) this year, but still wish to participate? No problem! Tengel has graciously volunteered to help hide present objects via bot in worlds that wish to participate!

Those who do not have present objects available in their worlds can contact Elyk at to have present objects sent to them.

For more information on this year's hunt, visit our web page at

See you in Storage World!!


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