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Play Dungeons and Dragons in AW!

Courtesy of DM Mercury

I run a world in AW called AD&DRPG, dungeons and dragons is played there. The world is a medieval theme. A bot stores all character information. Anyone can play tourist or citizen. There are several types of play, that the bot and or I do. The bot can run an item quest, or a full scale pre-made adventure with battle and all. Or I can bring in the bot that will let me do all the typical dungeons and dragons game master spontaneous generation of things. The world has many areas to explore, and many dungeons for vile beasts to hide away. Or maybe a dragon keeps one of the kings maidens.

The world is not up all the time, but most, load time is about 10 minutes on a 56k connection. AW3.0 is recommended, but 2.2 is fine but will be a bit laggy. Character creation takes about 2 days, for it is by email. People from AW are a big interaction in the world. They can uphold such statuses in the game and earn special welcome messages on the bot and or earn statues of their character in taverns or maybe even on the tower of the gods. Also the bot allows such spell castings as: Teleport, See through wall, Darkness(effects whole world for 2 minutes), and many other things.

There is much to learn and explore in the world. Everyday more is added so once you think you have done it all, come back the next day and there will be more to explore.



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