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Don't Crack!

Has someone offered you a version of AW that has all kinds of cool extra features? Have they promised you that it will make AW run faster? Have you visited a web site or a world and downloaded one of these "cracked" AW browsers? We really hope not!

While some creative people have found different ways to "crack" AW, we must urge everyone to show COMMON SENSE and CAUTION when approached or offered these programs. What you may not realize is that by downloading and installing these programs you may be exposing your computer to a virus, sharing your passwords with total strangers, or giving them access to your computer in general.

Imagine someone else using your account, stealing your buildings, posing as you in chats, sneaking around your computer looking at your files and reading your email - all these things are possible if you install software from an unreliable or unknown source.

Please use your head, don't install files of ANY KIND that have been forwarded to you by email, or that are downloaded from somewhere other than a legitimate software manufacturer or a recommended download site. Get your AW straight from the source, not in a back alley!



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