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Vol.3, No.7, July 2000

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Festival 2000 Was A Roaring Success!

Courtesy of AWEC

Wow! what a great way to bring in the five year celebration of aw!!!!!!!!!! It was great! and all thanks to you guys the event hosts and the event participant. This festival really shows how much can happen when a community comes together and works as one to bring the internet one of the best events of the year!!!!!!!!!! You guys rock.

This event has been months in the making and it went great. We would like to thank also AWCOM for donating the prizes and being so understanding during our period of pulling our hair out when we had a tie and where trying to figure out ways to give prizes out if we couldn't get a second prize. They have been great to work with and we hope to do this again next year with the third annual Festival 2001!!!!!!!! Thank you AWCOM and thank you AW Community for making this event so fun.

To find more info on the festival please visit

To find out more about the AWEC or to volunteer, please see their web site at or visit them in the AWCC world.



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