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2000 AW Community Reunions

Orlando Active Worlds Reunion This Month!

Courtesy of Belfalest

Join us July 20-23rd in Orlando Florida!

What is The Reunion 2000?

An IRL (in real life) reunion of people/avatars who originally met in the 3D Interactive setting of AlphaWorld/Active Worlds (including any and all offshoots/universes etc).

Many of us have formed what will quite likely be life long cyber friendships. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have formed strong real life friendships & loving relationships. Yes, some of us have even found our nemesis in the wonderful world of cyber space. This real life reunion is being planned as an informal gathering of friends and acquaintances. The organization committee is made up of former & current ActiveWorlds citizens and we are not directly sponsored by any corporate entity. We welcome and encourage citizens from all other Active Worlds affiliated, worlds, universes, etc.

For more information on this event, please see the web site at

Can't make Orlando this month? How about San Francisco Next Month?

Courtesy of CableCar Gal

Come and have some fun!

Looking to get away this summer? Have you met some friends in Active Worlds and wonder what are they really like behind the avatar, wish you could meet them in person. Well you have your chance..

August 11th,-13th Clarion Hotel San Francisco, California is the site of one of the Active Worlds Reunion. Come and have some fun in the California Sun. Meet some of the people that you meet in Active Worlds. Meet your Gate Keepers in action while they play in the California sunshine. 9992/AWReunion/Index.htm



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