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Vol.3, No.7, July 2000

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Recommended Hot Spots

This month we welcome Goober King of the Universal Town Network (UTN) as a reporter to our Recommended Hot Spots section of the newsletter! Goober King will be brining us recommendations for those registered with the UTN. To find out more about the UTN, visit their web site at



M U N K U Y's Historical Recommendation
Les' Paths: Starting in early Nov. of 1995, Les laid a vast network of paths down that went winding throughout the older areas of AlphaWorld. Throughout the years, many communities/towns, such as Sherwood Forest, have developed around these paths. See if you can walk them all, and also find the various, uh… curiosities Les left behind along the way (such as "les's magic spit pool")!



Caring's Atlantis Recommendation
2ndChildhood's Gallery ^^(under-surface)^^
Atlantis 461N 437W




Canopus' Mars Recommendation
I'm recommending Cardinal's grand Surveillance Mountain this month--underground HQ, tunnels, trains, jumpgates, observatory, town with hospital, offices, factories, residences--lots of things to explore. You can reach them from the Aeria Spaceport (Mars 305N 994W 6A), taking the Nilosyrtis Railway to the end & joining the Borealis West Tour to the Mountain (Mars 661N 977W 200). A good place to cool off on a warm Mars day. :)


MPL Cybernome

MPL Cybernome's COFMeta Recommendation
For Meta's site of the month, I have selected Capri City, Metatropolis. Its is one of the cleanest, most realistic, and functional cities in Meta. Phone booths that really work, Storefronts where you can order stuff straight from within Activeworlds such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Even Walgreens. Scaled kinda small at the moment, this site will soon explode with activity onces its more developed. Created by MPL Kool and MPL Knight, these two are also having a "Capri City Party" July 14 thru 16 (Fri-Sun) to celebrate its birth and development @ the Capri Metro Convention Center. The Welcome Center is located at CofMeta 267s 172e and has a directory to find places and stores there. This is one place worthy of checking out.


Goober King

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation
New Romance - AW 24940.9n 3999.6w 270 As the name implies, New Romance is one of the best romantic spots in AW! Take a stroll with your significant other through Romance Park, catch a ride on the River of Love, or have a bite at the Cafe De Romance. Or, if you go for something more daring, test your mettle on the Roller Coaster, get lost in the Mossy Rock Maze, or the soar on Hot Air Balloon ride. And of course, what romantic spot would be complete without a Chapel? So visit today, cause you never know *who* you might meet! ;)



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