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AlphaWorld celebrates Halloween!

For the second year in a row, AWI will be enabling special Halloween objects for use by the AlphaWorld community. Building with these objects will only be available for two short weeks. Monday, October 19 till Monday, November 2. A teleport will be available from AlphaWorld's GZ so you can explore this unique content starting on October 19.

The Extreme Builder Talent Show!

The semi-annual Extreme Builder Talent Show is about to begin. This year's event will run from Friday October 30 till Monday December 7. For early entry please e-mail Further information will be posted in the AW Forums and the EBTS contest world.

1st Place: 2 Years of Active Worlds Citizenship and an AWI T-shirt signed by Activeworlds, Inc. staff.
2nd Place: 1 Year of Active Worlds Citizenship
3rd Place: 9 Months of Active Worlds Citizenship
4th Place: 6 Months of Active Worlds Citizenship
5th Place: 3 Months of Active Worlds Citizenship

All plots will be rated from 1 to 5 by AWI judges. Citizens receiving a score of 4 or 5 will receive V4 rights in the public building world of their choice.

The largest EBTS contest had 75 completed plots. If we have at least 80 completed plots this year all participants will receive 1 month of Active Worlds Citizenship for free.

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