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Getting to Know Our Citizens!

This month Kiwi chats with citizen Straker.

Kiwi interviews StrakerKiwi: Hi there and thank you for taking the time to be interviewed.

Kiwi: Where are you from?

Straker: North Carolina, USA.

Kiwi: How long in Active Worlds?

Straker: 12 years or so.

Kiwi: Wow long time! Can I ask what keeps you coming back for this long?

Straker: Well I've made a lot of friends here and am always looking to make new ones. It's just a lot of fun.

Kiwi: Where do you hang out?

Straker: AWGate.

Kiwi: You're always helpful to the tourists that come to the Gate. Is there anything you would change about the Gate if you could?

Straker: Nothing really. There's some cosmetic things from the old Gate I miss like my Bot av and the windmill, but I like the distractions that the new Gate has set out for tourists, like the hidden rooms and the gnomes.

Kiwi: What is it you like to do in AW?

Straker: Chat mostly.

Kiwi: Do you build at all?

Straker: I was taught to build by a 13 year old, which I guess means you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I built a Tarot museum in AW in what's now become a ghost town, because the owner is long gone, but I bring people there to see it occasionally.

Kiwi: What do you think Active Worlds can do to bring in more people?

Straker: Lower the subscription price, or offer more discounts or incentives. For example, I signed up for 2 years on a deal offered at the beginning of the year, but it was only for current citizens.

Kiwi: Do you think we have enough for tourists to see, when they first come into Active Worlds?

Straker: Plenty, once they find their way around.

Kiwi: What improvements would you like to see in our CAVs?

Straker: The only thing I can think of is maybe to offer 1 or 2 animal options if possible. I'm constantly asked by tourists, "How did you become a dino?" Tourists love the dinosaurs.

Kiwi: I agree on the animals, CAVs for the kids that come to the Gate. They love Dino.

Kiwi: I love to visit other worlds. Do you check out many worlds in AW?

Straker: Not so much anymore, but in my early days with AW I did.

Kiwi: What would be your favorite world to visit?

Straker: Giggles, which isn't around anymore, and Yellowsub.

Kiwi: How would you describe AW to friends?

Straker: An instant meeting place for people around the world.

Kiwi: For others to get to know you better, describe yourself in one word.

Straker: Creative

Kiwi: In what way creative Straker?

Straker: Well my work day is spent in front of a computer so when I get home I like to devote my time to music and art.

Kiwi: Thank you so much for letting us get to know you better. Have a great day Straker.

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