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The OffWorld Challenge

The OffWorld project began in 2005. It is located in the northwest corner of AlphaWorld. It is one of the largest builds in AlphaWorld. It was an experiment to see how far the objects on the Alpha World object path could be stressed to create an alien environment. The intent was to create a planet around a red dwarf star populated with mining colonies living quarters and the entire infrastructure associated with a thriving colony. As each build neared completion the builder created addition to the storyline chronicled in the OffWorld blog.

The first space ship built with the new commands in the OffWorld Navy Yard


We have many new objects and new commands that were not available in the original builds created four years ago. Among these changes are scalable objects, particle emitters and of course the new primitives and several other new objects.

You can recreate the set of your favorite Sci-Fi show (see the time tunnel in the basement of the Navy Yard headquarters) or create something of you own. There is an OffWorld segment in America and in Pata.

So, here's the challenge, can you pick up where the old builders left off and add new chapters for the OffWorld saga?

This is not a contest, rather, it is a challenge to the multitude of talented builders and Active Worlds to create new and exciting additions to OffWorld. 

A map of the central portion of the OffWorld build


Put these coordinates in the AlphaMapper: 1126.07N 568.45E. Then explore and find a place for our own build. Please read the blog so you keep the history project when you add your part to the story and in context. Make a movie if you like!

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